The pregnant mother was very pleased to see that Taibao “made faces” in her womb when she had a birth examination, but the doctor said, “don’t ask for it.”

Experienced Baoma should know that one of the most important things during pregnancy is to do a pregnancy test, and each examination takes a day. However, for the healthy growth of her baby, it’s worth her hard work. < p > < p > but Baoma is most concerned about the examination results. Some netizens said that she was very nervous when she was waiting for the birth examination, and felt cold sweat on her hands. But at the moment when the results really came out, a few families relaxed and a few lost. < p > < p > 85 years of Yiyi is now 35 years old. Some time ago, she finally conceived her own baby. As soon as the news came out, not only the family members were happy, but also the relatives and friends sent their best wishes. As an elderly pregnant woman, she pays special attention to prenatal examination, hoping that her baby can be born healthily. That day, accompanied by her husband, she went to have a B-ultrasound examination. < p > < p > in B-mode ultrasound, Yiyi can see that her baby is very active and “makes faces” to herself from time to time. But the doctor said it would be safer for you to have a review. < p > < p > after hearing this, she felt a little nervous. She went to have a reexamination on the same day. As soon as the result came out, her mood plummeted. The doctor told her: the child has severe cleft lip, so it’s better not to take it. However, Yiyi didn’t understand what he had done. God wanted to “punish” the children. In fact, Yiyi had the habit of picky eating since childhood. He only liked meat, did not like vegetables, and seldom ate fruit, which led to the lack of nutrition, especially vitamins, which was also a major factor leading to cleft lip. < p > < p > in China, the incidence of congenital cleft lip in children is 1 in 1000. In fact, the probability is relatively high. There are both genetic and environmental reasons, which should be paid attention to by Baoma. < / P > < p > if you want to have a healthy baby, it doesn’t start from pregnancy, but from the body of both husband and wife. Therefore, pre pregnancy examination is very important. But the current family situation is that many mothers attach great importance to it, while dad thinks that it has nothing to do with himself, so he doesn’t do it. In fact, this idea is not correct. < / P > < p > if both husband and wife are in the best condition at present, they should not be pregnant blindly. They should also try to avoid pregnancy in spring and winter, because there are more “germs” in these two seasons, and newborns are easy to be infected. < / P > < p > although some pregnant women will vomit frequently during pregnancy, but even so, we still need to avoid partial diet, and pay attention to reasonable eating habits while strengthening diet. It’s not that the more expensive the food is, the more nutritious it is, and it’s not the delicacy of eating, that is to say, to eat healthily, and to seek balance in everything. < / P > < p > for modern people, mobile phones and computers have become an important part of life. However, for pregnant mothers, these things should be avoided. If they want to play with mobile phones, they should keep them away from 70 cm. It is better to wear radiation suits as soon as possible to protect themselves and their fetus. < p > < p > not only Baoma, but also Baoda should keep away from high temperature, electromagnetic radiation, noise or gasoline, because these substances can also cause harm to the health of the fetus. Everyone has a love for beauty. Many Baoma are willing to make up and make themselves beautiful. However, cosmetics contain a lot of “synthetic substances”, which is not conducive to the birth of Taibao. Therefore, for Baoma, pregnancy itself is a kind of beauty, without too much decoration. < / P > < p > scientific research has shown that a good attitude is one of the most important factors for people to live a long life. This is true for the elderly and the same for pregnant mothers. A good attitude can be passed on to the baby, and the baby will feel warm and grow more happily. Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not