The real “steal calcium food” has been announced, as little as possible on the table, many people like to eat

Calcium supplement is a commonplace, which is a topic of concern for the elderly and children. Children are in the vigorous stage of growth and development, daily diet can not fully meet the needs of physical development; and the elderly will lose a lot of calcium in the bone, leading to osteoporosis, known as a high incidence of chronic disease, but in fact, in addition to the elderly and children, young and middle-aged people should also pay attention to calcium supplement.

because no matter male or female, osteoporosis actually begins at the age of 30, because the bone mass in our bones reaches the peak around the age of 30, and it will gradually lose after the age of 35. Women due to hormone secretion, calcium loss will be more obvious.

alum is added to fried dough sticks. If you eat too much fried dough sticks, alum will deposit in the body. This kind of compound can deposit in the human skeleton, reducing the density of bone tissue and making the bone become osteoporosis.

pickles are basically available in many families, but it’s better not to eat them for a long time, which will not only increase the risk of osteoporosis, but also increase the risk of heart disease. At the same time, salted vegetables also contain ammonium nitrite, long-term consumption may damage the internal environment of the body.

many people will eat extra protein powder to supplement protein. If the intake is not well controlled, too much protein will be excreted from the urine through the kidney. On the one hand, it will increase the burden on the kidney and the possibility of suffering from gout; on the other hand, it will promote the dissolution of calcium from the bone and increase the loss of calcium.

generally, the shelf life of canned food is long, and it is not limited by season and region at all. However, canned fruits need to be sterilized by high temperature, which will lead to the loss of energy, especially vitamins. Secondly, canned fruits contain a lot of sugar, and excessive consumption of polysaccharides will affect bone metabolism, resulting in abnormal bone loss.

most people say that they like to eat the above kinds of food, but we must understand that eating too much of these kinds of food is really not conducive to health. We can eat once in a while to relieve our craving. I hope you must control it.

the calcium content of shrimp skin is second only to sesame paste, but its potassium, iodine, minerals and vitamins are incomparable to sesame paste. Usually eat more shrimp, can supplement calcium, prevent osteoporosis, for patients with osteoporosis has a good effect. At the same time, eating more shrimps can also enhance the body’s immunity, which is very beneficial to the body.

osteolipoproteins are rich in active ingredients, such as chondroitin sulfate, icariin, Eucommia ulmoides, psoralen, etc., especially chondroitin sulfate, which can promote the regeneration and repair of chondroitin cells, improve bone microstructure, accelerate bone growth and prevent bone loss. Other substances are essential nutrients for bone growth, which can better prevent bone aging and osteoporosis.

sesame paste made of pure sesame is a kind of food rich in calcium. It also contains protein, amino acids and a variety of minerals. It can supplement the body with enough calcium and is easy to absorb. It can effectively relieve the symptoms of osteoporosis and increase the firmness of teeth.

proper sun exposure can promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin, because there are a lot of ultraviolet rays in the sun. Ultraviolet rays can promote the transformation of deoxycholesterol in the skin into vitamin D. vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium in the small intestine and promote the formation of bones.

proper exercise can help maintain bone mass, improve sensitivity and balance ability, and reduce the risk of falls in the elderly. But the elderly need to pay attention to moderate exercise, especially postmenopausal women, excessive exercise will lead to accelerated bone loss.

maintaining a normal weight and excessive weight loss in postmenopausal women will lead to bone calcium deficiency; on the other hand, overweight fracture is also one of the main reasons. Balanced diet, regular physical exercise, keep the weight in the average range. 08/16/2020