The skin appears these 3 kinds of signs, had better go to check immediately, the heart may “have an accident”

As we all know, the heart is a very important organ of the human body. Keeping the normal function of the heart can make the body have enough power to maintain good circulation and speed up the circulation. Blood can be supplied to the parts needed by the body at the first time, so as to meet the needs of the body and maintain health. However, for those with decreased heart function, the skin will also have special changes. Once some features of skin are obviously related to liver diseases, targeted treatment should be carried out to improve the heart function, and these skin special manifestations will be alleviated, otherwise the heart function will continue to decline. The heart appeared pathological change, what mark of skin is more apparent? < / P > < p > if you find that the skin color of many parts of your body becomes pale and pale, it may be caused by the decrease of heart function. Especially those whose face is obviously pale, even accompanied by weakness, a large number of cold sweats, which are related to the decline of heart function. < / P > < p > some types of heart disease in the development process will affect the blood supply of the heart, the surrounding blood vessels are blocked, narrowed, the heart blood is lack, the adverse reactions of the body are obvious, in addition to easy breathing difficulties, palpitations, chest pain, but also accompanied by pale face, this situation can be found that the skin color of the face has become much lighter, unable to protect In a ruddy state. Once there is such a sign, it is more likely to indicate that the heart function is reduced, and measures should be taken to deal with the situation. < / P > < p > if you find that your skin has reticular green spots, you should be alert to heart disease. Because in the development of heart disease, there may be coronary artery thrombosis, and the cholesterol level of these patients exceeds the standard. After the thrombus falls off, the blood vessels are blocked and the circulation can not be maintained normally. The skin far from the heart is easy to change, which appears in people’s hands and feet. If there are reticular green spots on the skin of these parts, it is easy to change It may be caused by the decrease of heart function, so we should carry out treatment for heart disease to prevent the continuous decrease of heart function. < p > < p > it was found that there was sunken edema in some parts of the body, which may be caused by the decrease of heart function. The reduction of heart function will also lead to the decrease of the body’s ability to excrete water. The skin’s subcutaneous tissue accumulates a lot of water. The main feature is edema. When pressing with hands, the skin’s rebound speed is very slow. With this feature, it indicates that the disease is developing, and it is also a sign of the decline of heart function. Therefore, targeted treatment should be taken to prevent obvious edema The decrease of heart function will affect human health. It can be seen that the above-mentioned signs on the skin all indicate that the heart function is reduced, and the health is threatened after some heart diseases, and many signals will be generated. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the disease immediately after finding the disease signal, and improve the health problems of the body by improving the heart function. Otherwise, the heart disease will aggravate and other adverse symptoms will appear. Luanban