The skin care method that beauty brand must follow after taking a vacation is more important than make-up

“Makeup removal is more important than make-up” is a familiar sentence. However, there are more cases of negligence on the ground of & quot; trouble & quot; and the fluke mentality that & quot; today should not matter & quot; today. However, if you don’t clean the makeup that clogs pores all day and the face covered with dust due to external activities, skin problems such as acne will soon appear. For healthy, clean skin, the most basic thing to do is deep cleaning. So, in order to thoroughly remove the deep pores of sebum and dust, makeup residues, what should be done? < / P > < p > can facial cleansing and skin care be carried out at the same time? Jiaolan’s new product “Royal bee anti pollution cleanser” contains the representative ingredient of Jiaolan, bee emperor, which can remove old and waste cutin, and can also protect skin gently. The cleansing oil is converted into the texture of the emulsion, and it will not feel dry or tight after cleansing. If you want to keep your face moist, you can use “Royal bee anti pollution cleanser” to thoroughly remove your makeup. < / P > < p > because of skin irritation in summer, low irritation products should be used for cleansing. Rebuyforyou “Clean Cleansing Foam”, soft and rich foam can clean up makeup residues, sensitive skin and can be used without stimulation. Not only is the old cutin, even the old waste cutin deep in the pores is also removed. Especially contains hyaluronic acid and plant extract, it will not feel tight after cleaning. It is recommended for dry skin. < p > < p > the natural raw materials are cold pressed, and the fruit juice formula cleanser is used to preserve the nutrition of raw materials. Judge to clean ‘biome AC foam cleaner’ is a low irritating cleanser that eliminates harmful ingredients. It can also be used on sensitive or irritated skin. Usually sebum secretion active oily skin, you can use this product to remove old waste horniness healthily and cleanly, and adjust water balance. < p > < p > SKINFOOD “brown sugar perfect enzyme cleanser” is packaged separately and easy to use. Compared with ordinary cleansing products, you will feel a little strange powdery cleanser. This product can not only improve cutin, skin texture, moisturizing, but also improve skin color. It is a multi-functional cleansing product. Take proper amount of “black sugar perfect enzyme cleanser powder” and rub with water, which can generate rich foam " adsorb the old waste horniness in the skin. If you often go out for activities usually for business reasons, use this product to make light and easy remover. < / P > < p > Primera ‘rolling peeling doubling cleaning balm’, a cream type makeup remover, can be gently massaged and cleansed. This is a unique formula which is divided into 4 stages. It can not only remove makeup, but also remove waste horniness while gently massaging the skin. Only using makeup remover can solve the problem of cleansing and exfoliating, and the skin will become smoother and fresher after cleaning. Massage, exfoliate and cleanse your face in one session with ‘rolling peeling double cleaning balm’. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!