The skin care products of 16-year-old high school girls are richer than those of 30 years old. No wonder they are mature!

With the continuous development of the Internet, girls tend to be younger when they use cosmetics in skin care products. There are a lot of girls around 16 now. Not only began to skin care, the grade of skin care products is far higher than that of women around 30 at this stage. < / P > < p > among them, there are several popular brands, which are also favored by girls around 16 years old, no matter whether they are out of the right. The blind pursuit of big brands is still the hot trend of online celebrities. The level of skin care products they use is actually the envy of many young ladies in their twenties and thirties. Let’s take a look at the popular and famous online red skin care products that these 16-year-old girls like! < / P > < p > in fact, the younger the girl, the more importance they attach to the maintenance of their lips. As the biggest Lip Mask in the whole network, Lanzhi Lip Mask is indeed a favorite among young girls. Its paste is a classic light pink shape, and its state is a bit like a jelly like object. When you put it on your mouth, you have a feeling of lipstick, but it is oily, like a film. It is more suitable for use at night, but it should be wiped off in time, otherwise it will stick to the pillow. < / P > < p > after using the Lip Mask each time, the water moistening degree of the lips is improved. Especially for girls with deep lip lines, it can lighten the lip lines and make the mouth fuller. It is also good to remove the dead skin. When it is painted on the mouth, it has a strong feeling of Strawberry Lip fragrance. Many people will feel that the essence is not heavy enough, but the effect is pretty good. The price is much higher than the lipstick. < / P > < p > knowing that make-up remover should also be used well, women in their 30s have a higher sense of cleanliness. How famous is bedma’s make-up remover? Needless to say, in fact, its gentleness is quite good for 16-7-year-old girls, which is not very exciting. Although its cleaning strength is only moderate, it is also enough for the makeup of young girls. < / P > < p > as a make-up remover, it should be clean and not irritating to the skin, which is safer and safer. No wonder it is more popular with girls. Generally, women in their 30s use bedma make-up remover. They always feel that their makeup removal is not strong enough, especially in the eye makeup and lip makeup parts, they always have to unload them back and forth many times. So the girls who don’t wear a lot of make-up everyday have a lot of use for this makeup remover.

is also a kind of skin care product that has sprout up in recent years, while women aged 30 or above pay more attention to cream cream. Young women are more interested in refreshing use, so there will be more people using water spray. Avene spray has been used as a gentle moisturizing spray for sensitive muscles. < / P > < p > no matter whether it’s the skin without water supplement or after sun exposure, it’s cool and cool when used, and it feels very relaxed. But it doesn’t have a very obvious effect, just some relief. The effect of moistening is not even obvious. Belongs to a post sun first aid soothing, or daily skin moisturizing effect. < / P > < p > because it has a wide range of uses, spray it after washing your face, just like when you come back from home in summer, your skin is generally red and hot. It can reduce the temperature quickly and relieve the sun. Because it is convenient to use, and cost-effective, so many high school students are using it. < / P > < p > we will find that high school students like 16 years old pay more attention to details when choosing skin care products. For example, lip care, daily skin soothing and make-up removal, these skin protection awareness is very strong, and 30-year-old women for skin repair awareness will be higher. It’s true that young girls nowadays attach great importance to their skin. They know how to protect their skin and maintain themselves when they are young= target=_ blank>HEALTHY LIFE