The skin is dry and itchy. It may be that there is something wrong with the body. Watch out for these four diseases

Dry skin is a very common symptom, especially in the dry season, the moisture content in the outside air will be reduced, and the skin evaporation will be enhanced, which is easy to occur < / P > < p > however, in this case, as long as the skin moisturizing work is done well and drink more water, the symptoms will be improved quickly, and there is no significant impact on the health of the body. But sometimes, itchy skin may also be a problem with the body. The concentration of bile salt in serum and skin of patients with hemolytic jaundice and obstructive jaundice is relatively high, which will stimulate nerve endings. After receiving these information, the brain will feel itching symptoms. < / P > < p > most hepatobiliary diseases are accompanied by liver pain, anorexia, nausea, abnormal yellowing of skin, etc. if the above symptoms often appear, it is better to go to the hospital to check the health status of liver and gallbladder. Generally speaking, the time of pruritus in hyperthyroidism is earlier than that in hypothyroidism, and the symptoms of the two diseases are different. < / P > < p > patients with hyperthyroidism have faster body metabolic rate, increased nerve excitability of nervous system, digestive system and circulatory system, hypermetabolism, and are prone to unexplained weight loss, palpitation, palpitation, hand shaking, neck bulky, irritability and other situations; < / P > < p > and hypothyroidism patients are prone to chills, fatigue, edema and other conditions due to hypothyroidism When the heart is involved, there may be cardiac effusion or heart failure, which is a great threat to the patient’s life. In the case of uncertainty, we’d better go to the hospital for examination. < / P > < p > the kidney is the largest organ to metabolize water in the human body. Urine is filtered through the renal tubules in the kidney. If there is a problem with the renal system, the content of urea and urinary toxin in the blood may increase significantly, and the body will instinctively discharge these metabolic wastes from the body. < / P > < p > most kidney diseases may be accompanied by frequent urination, urgent urination, incomplete urination, pain in urination, difficulty in urination, turbid urine and peculiar smell of urine. If such cases occur, we need to be alert to kidney system diseases. < p > < p > nervous system diseases such as neurasthenia and arteriosclerosis may affect the antipruritic function of central receptors, leading to uncontrolled neural regulation, and skin itching may also occur at this time. Generally speaking, there are many reasons for skin itching, such as dry air, insufficient drinking water and even some diseases. < / P > < p > for skin pruritus caused by non pathological factors, it has no significant impact on health, and the symptoms will be relieved after self-regulation. < / P > < p > If pruritus is accompanied by other physical discomfort, it is likely that there is a physical problem. At this time, we must be vigilant, go to the hospital for an examination in time, and receive relevant treatment when necessary, so as to avoid aggravation of the disease and cause greater harm to health. Information sharing for epilepsy patients