The skin wants to resist the old, use the essence liquid as early as possible, try these 4 essence liquid, let you freeze the age in minutes.

women’s face has always been the most cherished place for women. The essence is called the best in skin care, especially when a woman is over 30 years old. It is not only to repair skin problems, but also to resist skin aging and keep skin young.

about essence, big cards are generally in thousands of yuan, but not yet used. For the essence of daily consumption, office workers really can not afford it. Big brands are not always easy to use, and cheap ones are not necessarily bad. Here are some of the essence that everyone can afford. The word of mouth is good and inexpensive. < / P > < p > with pure drops, it can promote the absorption of skin, replenish water and moisturize, and lay a good foundation for the follow-up make-up. The make-up effect is more comfortable, light and easy to absorb, and the pores are delicate and moisturized. It can improve the roughness of the skin, restore the smooth and delicate skin, effectively shrink the pores, and make the skin natural, transparent, delicate and white. < / P > < p > delicate and tender skin, safe and reliable, high-purity nicotinamide ingredients are more mild and more tolerant, providing a mild umbrella for fragile skin, sodium hyaluronate, moisturizing ace, small molecular components can better penetrate into the dermis of the skin, moisturize and beautify the skin directly to the bottom of the skin, not only stay on the surface of skin care.

many famous brand of ampoule essence are small and expensive. They are very distressed to use. This large bottle of ampoule is full of 500ML bottle. It is rare. It is refreshing and refreshing than ordinary essence. It really absorbs it and feels that the whole skin is filled with the same feeling of water, and it is white and tender. < / P > < p > the gold liquid has high moisturizing property, fresh texture, not greasy, not sticky on the skin, can make the skin natural ventilation. Gold foil with medical ingredients will not be absorbed and smeared. Massage like a common essence, until it is completely absorbed. < / P > < p > gold can repair collagen in dermis, prevent skin oxidation and loss of collagen, and play a good role in improving wrinkles. For example, the smaller fine lines will have an immediate effect after use, and the deeper fine lines will gradually fade out. Does it look like a pill? In fact, it is the essence of an individual package, one at a time. The capsule is easy to carry on business or travel all year round, which is more hygienic and convenient. The essence of

capsule is rich in hyaluronic acid and vitamin E ingredients, replenishing water and brightening effect. The texture is similar to cream, but it is absorbed quickly. The skin feels fresh and smooth within 20 seconds after application. 08/17/2020