The source of liver cirrhosis has been found. Drinking is the last. After reading the top of the list, adjust it immediately, otherwise the liver can’t stand it

After liver injury, some liver cells have no time to repair and regenerate nodules, thus destroying the liver tissue structure. In the long run, liver fibrosis, loss of the original luster, elasticity, will induce cirrhosis. < p > < p > when it comes to liver damage, it’s easy to think of staying up late and drinking alcohol. In fact, one of the habits that hurt the liver the most is everyone’s. It’s anger. Drinking is the last. It seems that emotion has nothing to do with physiology, but it is closely related. In traditional Chinese medicine, the liver governs the relaxation. When the mood breaks out, the liver qi in the body goes against and the liver Yang rises sharply. < p > < p > if you can’t adjust your mood in time, it will cause stagnation of liver qi and exuberant liver fire, which will easily lead to chest tightness, irregular menstruation, headache and bitter mouth. It can also increase the risk of hepatitis, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis and other diseases. Nowadays, nightlife is rich and colorful. At night, all kinds of entertainment places are still lively. Even at home, playing games, swiping video, playing cards and other entertainment will make people forget the rest time. Staying up late has become a normal condition, but it is the golden time for liver self-healing. If you stay up late for a long time and sleep is not enough, the toxin in the body will increase and the damaged liver cells will be more difficult to repair. < / P > < p > if the fruit is kept for a long time, it will rot, deteriorate and become moldy. There are a large number of toxic substances in these damaged fruits. Among them, aflatoxin is the most toxic. If you take more than 1mg once, you may cause cancer. The toxicity is 70 times as much as arsenic. < / P > < p > many people believe that as long as you clean up the bad parts of the fruit, the rest can be eaten as well. However, the seemingly intact part is likely to have been contaminated. After ingestion, it will damage the liver, destroy the liver fiber structure and induce cirrhosis. < / P > < p > if you have a cup at the table and I have one, if you don’t spell it out, it seems that you have lost its artistic conception. You have to drink too much to give up. < p > < p > excessive drinking will lead to acetaldehyde metabolized by alcohol staying in the liver for a long time, and can not be converted into acetic acid in time. Acetaldehyde is also a toxic substance. If it stays in the liver for a long time, it will seriously damage the liver and induce alcoholic liver and liver cirrhosis. Chloasma, also known as liver spot, is a kind of estrogen, which is affected by liver injury and can not be effectively inhibited. It can stimulate melanocytes to secrete melanin and precipitate on the skin. According to traditional Chinese medicine, nails are mainly nourished by liver blood and liver qi. If the liver is not good and the blood is not enough, the nails will turn yellow, easily broken and have vertical lines. < p > < p > the contents of choline, flavonoid, selenium and other liver nourishing components in Huaiju are more, especially Yuntai ice chrysanthemum, which is produced in Huaiqing county since ancient times, has a better effect on liver maintenance, and is known as “the aristocrat of Chrysanthemum” < / P > < p > diet plays an important role in health. Life is not only dependent on a few different nutrients can maintain, each nutrient has a different role, in the diet we should pay attention to nutritional balance. < / P > < p > most people prefer some high-fat food, such as fried food, cake, animal viscera, fat and so on. These foods have high nutritional value, but if you eat too much, fat will accumulate in the liver, which will easily induce fatty liver and liver cirrhosis. < / P > < p > tips: liver disease is difficult to be found in time, it is easy to delay into a more serious condition, therefore, do some liver function tests, can effectively avoid the severity of the disease. 08/16/2020