The stomach bad person daily completes these 3 points, the stomach will gradually become better

As the saying goes, before the age of 30, stomach nourishes people. With the growth of age, our stomach will not be as before, and some diseases, such as gastric ulcer and chronic gastritis, will appear. These stomach problems affect our quality of life, leading to poor diet and poor rest. In a word, besides the details of your stomach, you need to pay attention to the function of your stomach. Generally speaking, the stomach is not good people, adhere to “4 less 3 more”, the stomach will slowly get better, might as well try. < p > < p > first, smoke less. Does smoking affect the stomach? The answer is yes, because smoking will affect vascular health, leading to vascular atrophy, affecting the blood supply of gastric mucosa, so non-smoking is a kind of protection for the stomach. < / P > < p > Second, drink less. Alcohol can cause certain damage to the gastric mucosa, often drinking can aggravate stomach disease, affect the balance of gastric acid, so less drinking is also a kind of protection to the stomach. Third, eat less spicy food. No spicy, not happy, to meet the enjoyment of taste buds, but will bring stomach pain, people with gastric ulcer, must not eat spicy food, otherwise the consequences will be very uncomfortable. Fourthly, eat less acid food. The reason why the stomach is painful is closely related to gastric acid. If the gastric environment is too sour, it will also stimulate the stomach and cause stomach pain. Therefore, eat less acidic food, for the care of gastrointestinal health is also very meaningful. Focus