The stomachache after eating ice cream is not necessarily caused by ice cream, but also by

On September 4, Xiaoxuan, who loves to eat ice cream, bought two ice cream at school. When she got up the next Saturday morning, Xiaoxuan suddenly felt a pain in her lower abdomen. She thought it was caused by eating too much ice cream. She was afraid that her mother would blame her, so she could not say that. She took advantage of the weekend to rest at home for two days. < p > < p > on September 7, Xiaoxuan was ready to go to school. Unexpectedly, she took a few steps. Suddenly, her abdominal pain became worse, and she felt nausea and vomiting. Xiao Xuan’s mother, Ms. Wang, quickly took her to the hospital for treatment, and then she was sent to the pediatric emergency department. < / P > < p > the pediatrician arranged abdominal color Doppler ultrasound. Color Doppler ultrasound found a cystic mass about 51 * 52 * 42mm in size behind the uterus, and the “whirlpool” sign could be seen at the pedicle. The doctor considered that it might be a gynecological disease “ovarian cyst torsion”, and suggested that they should be transferred to the Department of gynecology. < / P > < p > after CT examination in gynecology department, gynecologist told Ms. Wang: “according to the current examination results, we highly suspect that the child is ovarian cyst pedicle torsion. This disease is very urgent, and emergency surgery is needed to save the child’s fallopian tube. If the time is delayed for a long time, the fallopian tube on the diseased side will have to be cut off After the birth may have a certain impact However, Ms. Wang was puzzled: “my daughter is only 12 years old and has just come to menstruation for one year. How can it be gynecological disease? Say again daughter is so small, how should do an operation, still have the possibility to cut off oviduct? ” Fortunately, Xiaoxuan’s tubal torsion was not too tight, and the medical treatment was timely, and the operation was carried out in a timely manner. The fallopian tube was not necrotic, and the fallopian tube was finally preserved. Ovarian cyst pedicle torsion is one of the gynecological acute abdomen diseases. About 10% of ovarian or tubal cysts can have pedicle torsion. < / P > < p > the most common cause is ovarian cystic lesions. Pedicle torsion may also occur when the body position changes suddenly, strenuous exercise, or changes in the size and position of uterus during pregnancy and puerperium. The typical symptom of torsion of ovarian cyst pedicle is sudden pain in one side of lower abdomen after posture change, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and even shock. Sometimes incomplete torsion can be natural reduction, abdominal pain will be relieved. Once the diagnosis of torsion of ovarian cyst pedicle is confirmed, surgery should be performed as soon as possible, otherwise, because of the obstruction of arterial blood flow, the cyst may have necrosis, rupture and secondary infection. The disease is treated in time and has a good prognosis. < / P > < p > to prevent torsion of ovarian cyst pedicle, do not eat contaminated food, such as contaminated water, crops, poultry, fish and eggs, moldy food, etc., but eat some green organic food. Although gynecological diseases are more common in adult women, they may occur in childhood and adolescence, so parents should pay attention to their children’s physical condition in time. Privacy Policy