The story behind the girl’s heart breaking

“Police comrades, we found a girl playing in the water, her whole body was soaked through. She may be a stray child…” On the morning of October 30, the wellhead police station in Shapingba District received a report from the enthusiastic masses that there was a teenage girl playing with water by the qingcaopo River in Shuangbei village, and she was soaked to the skin < / P > < p > the police also said that he had seen the girl in the neighborhood for two days. He was unable to communicate and seemed to be neglected. He suspected that she was a homeless child. He hopes the police can help the girl find her family. < p > < p > after receiving the alarm, the police immediately arrived at the scene and saw a girl dressed in black, with disordered hair and wet body. Police patiently asked about the child’s name, home address and parents’ information, but she did not say a word. She looked at the police blankly and muttered repeatedly, “my father will come to pick me up…” < p > < p > when they came to the wellhead police station, the police poured hot water to drive the girl away from the cold. See the girl dressed clean, the police judge that she may not be a vagrant, should have just lost. Therefore, the police asked the surrounding police station to assist in the investigation, and finally contacted his mother Zhou. According to Ms. Zhou, her daughter is 14 years old. When she was 8 years old, she suffered from mental retardation due to illness, so the couple divorced. The girl lived in Shuangbei qingcaopo with her mother. On the same day, the girl sneaked out to play while her mother was out to work. She was mistaken by enthusiastic people for being a vagrant because she was wet with water. < / P > < p > while waiting for their mother, near noon, the police brought hot meals to the girls. After confirming their mother’s information, the police sent their mother and daughter home. Focus