The study found that: this antibody drug may reduce the probability of hospitalization of patients with new crown

Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

Reference News Network 17 reported September, according to The Associated Press September 17th, a pharmaceutical company said that a part of the research on antibody drug research showed that the drug may help patients with mild to moderate new crown pneumonia from hospitalization. So far, no drug targeting the new coronavirus has been able to achieve this goal. The results were released by Lilly in a press release on Wednesday, local time, but the results have not yet been published or reviewed by independent scientists. < / P > < p > reported that, except in the middle stage of testing, the drug failed to achieve the main goal of the study, that is, to reduce the number of new coronavirus in patients after 11 days. But Lilly said that by 11 days, most of the participants – even those on placebo – had been cleared of the new coronavirus, so it seems that the time point is too late to judge the potential effect of the drug. < / P > < p > Lilly said other tests showed that the drug could reduce the number of viruses more quickly, and the results of the study are an encouraging “proof of concept.”. < / P > < p > the company said it would discuss with regulators possible next steps, but it is too early to speculate whether these preliminary results will lead to any action to put the drug into early use. It is reported that antibodies are protective proteins produced by human body when they are infected. They attach to the virus and help to eliminate the virus. Researchers are testing novel coronavirus pneumonia survivors’ blood as a way to treat the disease, because their blood contains such antibodies. However, depending on different donors, the intensity and type of antibody will vary, so it is impractical to conduct such a large-scale test. < / P > < p > the drugs being tested by Eli Lilly and others are concentrated versions of specific antibodies that are most effective against the new coronavirus in laboratory and animal tests, and can be standardized and produced in large doses. These novel coronavirus pneumonia patients are being tested by

researchers to treat newly diagnosed new crown pneumonia patients, hoping to prevent the disease from developing into severe or ultimately fatal cases, and try to prevent the infection of the new crown virus from high-risk populations. The results of the study on Wednesday, local time, came from a mid-term study that tested 450 people for antibody drugs, the report said. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was tested by Eli Lilly and a Canada Company, which was not serious enough to require hospitalization. The drug was administered intravenously at a dose of 3 doses. Neither the patient nor the doctor knows which patients received the drug injection or which received the placebo injection. < / P > < p > of the 302 patients who received drug injection, 1.7% needed hospitalization or emergency treatment. Of the 150 patients who received placebo, 6% needed hospitalization or emergency treatment. The company did not disclose whether the results met the standards of scientific tests to exclude accidental factors. Daniel skovronsky, Lilly’s chief scientific officer, said the company believes that providing actual figures “is the fairest way to present research results.”. According to the report, Eli Lilly has started to produce its antibody drugs and hopes to produce hundreds of thousands of doses by the autumn if the research results are positive. < / P > < p > photo: scientists work in the new crown vaccine research laboratory in Garlin, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on August 14, 2020. 08/16/2020