“The surface of the strongest” pregnant women gave birth to 17 children, the home is like a nursery, now how?

One or two of them. There are many children who take medicine for two or three times online, and the children outside of the Internet have not taken them. Although it is funny, it also exposes that

< p > from pregnancy, birth, to parenting and learning, every child needs to spend a lot of money on the family, and the family economic pressure of multiple births will be greater. For multiple birth families, the amount of money to raise children has increased several times, and the pressure is growing. Children’s clothing, food and living will become the financial burden of the family, let alone the tuition fees after school, which may become the straw that will crush the family. Under pressure, parents should take care of their children and earn money to support their families. Parents who fail to rest may be tired from exhaustion. Every child needs the care, education and care of his / her parents. If he wants to take care of the child, he will pay a lot of time and energy. However, parents in the multi birth family can not take care of each child, which may cause both tired dizziness and problems. Although it is very pleasant to have more children, there are many problems and economic pressure can not be ignored. But it is life, and hope that the government and society can help families with difficulties and let their children grow up healthily. The child is the angel sent by heaven. I hope that every family should not abandon it maliciously. 08/16/2020