The survey shows that more than 40% of parents feel powerless to help their children

“I quit the parent group. What’s the matter?” Recently, a short video burst into hot search. In the video, a parent complained that he had to be busy correcting homework and tutoring homework when he came home from work. He shouldered the responsibility of the teacher and decided to quit the group. The video aroused the resonance of many parents. Experts said, “we should do our part and support each other. This is the best way to co-operate and co-operate.” According to a survey conducted by the all China Women’s Federation, more than 40% of parents feel unable to tutor their children’s homework. The responsibility that should have been borne by the school has been transferred to parents, which will cause some parents’ dissatisfaction. Sometimes, the homework assigned by the school and teachers is beyond the children’s age level and ability range, which needs the help or even leadership of parents. For example, Ms. mu, a parent, said that during the National Day holiday, the teacher asked his son in grade two of primary school to read and write film reviews. “How can children write film reviews? Only parents can do it!” She also mentioned that her class had recently asked her class to draw “the civil code and me” and that “seven year old children don’t even know what the civil code is. How can we talk about creation? In the end, all the works handed in by the parents are also made on behalf of the parents. ” In addition, after reading, reviewing, visiting and other homework, they need to take photos frequently, upload and punch in frequently, which will also cost parents a lot of time and energy. < p > < p > when Ms. song saw the short video, she felt very sympathetic. In the video, she also encountered the parents’ problems. Sometimes the head teacher of his son’s class would call the roll in the group. For example, some parents in the circle said, “today’s preview homework has not been completed, please urge the parents to complete it” or “come to me after school”. “If you are often circled, on the one hand, you will be very worried about what the child will do in school, and on the other hand, you will feel a bit disgraced, as if the child’s performance in school is not good and there are always problems.” High school teachers who have been engaged in junior high school English Teaching for more than ten years believe that parents should be asked to assist in completing homework. She insists on the principle that teachers are responsible for the content of teaching knowledge itself. The contents to be checked by parents mainly include whether they are completed, how the font is written and whether the homework has been corrected. “Parents can do it easily, and it is also convenient for them to timely understand their children’s learning progress and school performance. It is a kind of care for children, but also a kind of supervision.” She said. In Sun Yunxiao’s opinion, parents’ guidance and correcting homework are essentially the manifestation of school-based and knowledge-based family education. He said that a child’s healthy growth requires both knowledge education and life education; knowledge education is mainly the responsibility of the school, while life education is mainly the responsibility of the family, “each of them should fulfill their duties and support each other, which is the best cooperative education.” Of course, parents can’t be indifferent to their children’s academic development, but the main thing should be to create a good environment to cultivate children’s interests and habits, rather than correcting and tutoring homework. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!