The teacher has said: the governance of “parents correcting homework” can not be banned

WeChat official account “half moon” November 18th news. Recently, a short video of “I want to quit parent group” spread on the Internet, and the relationship between family and school has become a hot topic again. Parents should be asked to stop correcting homework. However, some teachers reported to the reporters that teachers’ asking parents to correct homework is only a superficial phenomenon, and there are institutional reasons behind it. The education department can’t simply ban it. It should reflect on why such a phenomenon occurs? < / P > < p > “I have been a math teacher in primary school for five years. Have you seen the homework in primary school now? The children’s homework must be all right. I can’t make a red cross. ” A teacher told reporters that students’ homework level is an important part of the school’s assessment of teachers’ work quality. Of course, the fewer mistakes, the better. Teachers try to ensure that students’ homework is “all right”, so parents must participate. Although he won’t let parents “grade” homework directly, he will ask parents to help “check” to see if there are any mistakes. < / P > < p > “parents’ inspection is the first pass. The next day, when the children return to school to hand in their homework, I will ask each team leader to help check, and finally I can start correcting by myself. If there are still any mistakes, I will call the children to the office for correction, and then I can tick the red mark. Because I often trouble the team leaders, I will buy them drinks. ” According to the teacher, in some counties and districts in Northern Jiangsu where he works, the phenomenon of “parents checking homework” mainly occurs in primary schools, which is basically absent in junior high schools. On the one hand, the children’s knowledge is gradually deepening, which is beyond the parents’ ability; on the other hand, there are more examinations in junior high schools, which can reflect the teaching quality of teachers. In primary school, due to the limitation of the number of examinations, the improvement of students’ scores can not fully reflect the teaching level of teachers. How can the higher education department evaluate a teacher’s ability? First look at the teacher’s teaching plan, teaching reference, second look at the quality of students’ homework. < / P > < p > in this teacher’s wechat group, the reporter saw a notice from the school’s academic affairs office to welcome the inspection: for three consecutive days, the Municipal Education Bureau and the County Education Bureau respectively came to check the language specification and teaching guidance work, and required to check the teaching plan, teaching reference and students’ homework. The homework should not be omitted or wrongly approved. If the rectification is not in place, the school will “compare with the relevant responsible person” Relevant regulations shall be punished “. < / P > < p > “you can’t make a mistake in your homework, a student can’t make a mistake, and a teacher can’t make a mistake without discovering it.” He said, “not only can I not tick a red cross or a tick, but I can’t even make a continuous stroke. I have to tick a right angle to reflect the seriousness of correcting homework. There are so many schools in the county, and other schools have not found out the problem. It is because you missed approval or wrongly approved one place. Your school is directly at the bottom of the whole district, and you are directly at the bottom of your school. What will the school leaders do to you? Teachers can’t afford to be hurt by the “one vote veto” of professional title appraisal, rank salary and bonus According to media reports, more than 10 provinces and cities have recently issued regulations to stop parents from correcting homework, and some have proposed to punish teachers involved. Some experts believe that to make teachers a respected profession, it is not appropriate to set teachers and parents in opposition; to engage in positive education, it is not appropriate to adopt too many negative management measures. < / P > < p > to ask parents to correct homework may be due to teachers’ laziness, or it may be that homework is too much and teachers’ energy is not enough. This grass-roots teacher’s complaint provides us with another incision, that is, the evaluation mechanism of teachers in primary and secondary schools is not reasonable, which leads to the formalism of “volume only” and “material only”. Can only correct homework prove that teachers teach well? How to improve the assessment and evaluation of primary and secondary schools, highlight teachers’ educational and teaching achievements, guide them to devote themselves to educating people, and get out of the strange circle of formalism, this problem needs to be further studied and solved by the administrative department of education. Focus