The three signals indicate that Taibao may be born within two weeks. If we do these things well, we will suffer less from childbirth

I believe that for pregnant mothers, the most exciting moment of hard pregnancy in October is to see the baby. With the approach of the expected date of delivery, the expectant heart of pregnant mothers has also begun to enliven. Will the baby arrive on time on that day? Still can’t wait to come to this world ahead of time.

my colleague Fangfang, a new pregnant mother born in 1995, has been very anxious since her pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy. Although doctors have repeatedly confirmed the expected date of delivery, her child is worried that the baby will come out.

recently, the whole family has been suffering from “restlessness”. Last night, she said that she had a stomachache in the middle of the night. The doctor said that most of it was her psychological anxiety. In fact, the pregnant mother could feel the preference of the fetus when the fetus really wanted to come out, which was not good for the fetus. Finally, in order to pacify Fangfang, she had to be admitted to the ward in advance Production.

in fact, at this stage, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much, because the fetus will send signals to the outside world before labor, so it’s not difficult to find out if you pay a little attention. At this time, you can make preparations for delivery in advance.

when the third trimester of pregnancy, especially after 36 weeks of gestation, pregnant mothers will obviously feel that the abdomen often falls down and the phenomenon of frequent urination aggravates. When this feeling begins, it indicates that it is time for the fetus to enter the pelvis and the fetus is preparing for delivery in two weeks.

in medicine, fetal pelvic entry occurs mainly at about 36 weeks of gestation and two weeks before labor. The main manifestations are that the fetal head begins to enter the pelvis, and the bottom of the uterus drops.

after the fetus enters the pelvic cavity, the downward movement of the uterus will squeeze into the bladder. In fact, under the extrusion of the uterus, the pregnant mother will urinate frequently and urgently. At this time, the pregnant mothers need not panic. This is a normal physiological reaction.

However, everyone’s physique and tolerance ability are different, and the signals displayed by the body will also be slightly different. At this time, it can only be used as a reference. When necessary, we still need to go to the hospital for professional examination to determine whether it has reached the pelvic stage.

when the head of the fetus enters the mother’s pelvis through the pelvic entrance, the YD secretion of the pregnant mother will start to increase. This is because in the early pregnancy, in order to prevent bacteria from entering the uterus and causing infection, the cervix starts to secrete a jelly like yellow substance cervical mucus suppository.

1-2 weeks before labor, the cervix of the pregnant mother begins to become soft. At this time, the cervical mucus plug will be automatically discharged. The whole discharge process may last for 1-2 days, but some people may be able to completely discharge at one time. In the process of cervical mucus plug discharge may also have blood color.

pseudocontractions are caused by the involvement of uterine muscles when the fetal head enters the pelvic cavity and the uterine floor sinks. It is characterized by irregular and periodic mild pain in a short period of time.

when the fetus has completely entered the pelvic cavity, false contractions will begin to occur frequently. At this time, pregnant mothers can start to be ready to meet the little angel.

when the above three signals appear in the body around 36 weeks, pregnant mothers can relax and be ready to wait for the baby to arrive.

two weeks before labor, the pregnant mother’s body will have some corresponding changes, but they are basically normal physiological reactions. At this time, the pregnant mother should not be too nervous. Listen to more music, or learn about the relevant knowledge, relax at the same time, make relevant preparations in advance.

most women, especially primiparas, have a fear of childbirth because they have no practical experience and profound cognition about childbirth.

as long as prenatal examination is carried out on time in the early stage, there will be no sudden problems. With the progress of modern medical conditions, the safety of delivery is also greatly improved.

Pregnant October, we should pay attention to every day. We must not slack off because we are approaching the due date. The more you arrive at the door, the more you should obey the doctor’s advice, pay attention to rest, and don’t go out casually.

after perceiving the labor signal released by the fetus, pregnant mothers need to start to make relevant preparations and adjust their mentality, so as to achieve the best psychological and physical conditions, so as to meet the angel in two weeks. Focus