The three small incense powder foundation measurement, whether fresh and bright or high concealer, can not go back into the pit.

Speaking of the biggest and deepest pit in the beauty industry, most of the beauty editors default to Chanel Chanel! In particular, the base make-up series, instead of abandoning the old love when they have a new love, and their degree of specialization is not high. Instead, Chanel base makeup series has quietly gathered a group of loyal users who aim to constantly improve the texture of the skin and never look back.

compared with how perfect and dreamy the skin is after finishing make-up, the beauty of bottom make-up in recent years is more and more close to the word “nature”, and more emphasis is placed on the real but delicate, healthy and transparent skin. From mask face has been completely eliminated, to the tolerance of showing a little flaw is OK.

pick out three small fragrance foundation that you must know, which can create fresh and bright makeup effect, and also pay attention to uniform skin color and enhance the effect of concealer. Pick your love quickly.

comes from Chanel fashion nude light series of micro drop foundation essence, is a special texture on the impressive foundation, extrusion is very water, even more than the ordinary essence of water, with the naked eye can see some fine powder mixed in it.

this texture is actually derived from the microfluidic technology that Chanel also uses in maintenance products. As can be imagined that its makeup effect is a very natural and natural route, it looks like a thin and transparent skin. But the effect of uniform skin is not bad. If collocation is applied to makeup, it will feel that the luster is very natural and skin sticking. It is like the best condition that the skin care product just absorbed, and it is the first choice that does not want to have any powder, but it also wants to make the skin super glossy.

water jelly texture of fashion naked light jelly powder, on the face completely zero powder feeling, but it seems to have been filling up the skin, because its makeup effect is very thin and bright. Compared with the same series of droplet foundation essence, the jelly powder’s even skin moisturizing effect is upgraded a little bit, and it can also enhance the concealer degree through the partial overlay. After the introduction of this jelly powder, it is the choice of makeup for many people to carry. It is also a must for tourism. If you want the skin to look healthy and fresh, it will give you a feeling of ruddy complexion. The jelly powder is very good in the sense of zero powder and not heavy.

if you have the need for makeup and Concealer for the bottom makeup, but you want to create a high quality skin instead of a dry and thick powder, Chanel’s new and lasting flawless foundation must be owned. Comfortable texture, excellent concealment, just perfect oil control effect, makeup effect is natural and soft fog luster, combined with soft coke powder and waterproof pigment particles, for modifying pores, raising dark parts have good results. It is especially suitable for women who have more skin problems but want to go out quickly and don’t want to stack layers.

Tips: Chanel’s base collocation is almost water sensitive, so it is generally recommended that the foundation be brushed with makeup, because the brush is soft and soft, but it is very solid, so it is very flexible and no powder marks when it is pushed away, but it also keeps the blemish and brightness of the foundation.

finally, what do I think these three foundations must have? The main reason is that jelly powder is the most suitable and convenient to carry out makeup or travel, while the ordinary day micro foundation essence is both a foundation and a maintenance essence to create natural lighting. When there is a need for more flawless makeup needs, it can also directly wipe up the flawless foundation, which is both concealing and lasting. The three foundation can meet all kinds of situational needs, and the sense of makeup is based on natural and meticulous. 2