The two brothers were killed when they were 4 years old. The elder brother survived and was badly disfigured. Now the younger brother is still in danger of death

“Brother, I spent all your money on cosmetic surgery. What should I do?” “It’s OK. I can make money when I grow up. I’ll treat you now. You must be obedient…” Every time he heard the conversation between the brothers, ye Longgang, as a father, felt very bad. He blamed himself, felt guilty, and even more hated that he was incompetent. He did not know how many times he secretly cried and said that he was incompetent every time. Ye Longgang had tried to save money to give his eldest son cosmetic surgery, but he didn’t know enough money. His 4-year-old son suddenly got cancer and had no time to take care of his eldest son. Ye Longgang’s family hastily started his younger son’s anti-cancer.

Ye Longgang, 40, lives in the rural area of Anlu, Hubei Province. In his early years, he did not get married because his family was poor. Later, after years of hard work, he built a new house in his rural hometown and became a family, and gave birth to his eldest son, ye Shuang. What ye Longgang and his wife didn’t expect was that their eldest son was robbed when he was 4 years old. Although there was no danger, his face was destroyed. Sometimes fate is very tricky. Ye Longgang’s child, ziye Ruihang, was found to have cancer at the age of 4. It’s an evil family. Both brothers met with disaster when they were 4 years old. However, ye Shuang survived. Although Ye Shuang was disfigured, ye Ruihang’s life and death were hard to predict.

speaking of Ye Shuang’s calamity, it can be said that there are twists and turns. Twelve years ago, ye Shuang, who was 4 years old at that time, accidentally fell on his head. His grandparents took him to the village health center for bandaging and taking injections to eliminate inflammation. However, ye Shuang was allergic to drugs and shocked on the spot. Because of the poor local medical conditions at that time, the village doctors said that the child might not be saved. After hearing the news, ye Longgang and his wife rushed to see the doctor of the clinic around the child for rescue. They were very scared. Because there was no antidote, an old doctor used the earth method, which was to fill Ye Shuang’s mouth with hot water. After several cups of hot water went down, ye Shuang really had a breath, but his mouth, mouth and cheek were severely scalded.

at that time, although Ye Shuang had a breath, the situation was still very serious. He also started a high fever, and his life would be in danger at any time. In order to save his eldest son, ye Longgang and his wife took him to hospitals in Anlu and Wuhan. Although his condition was under control, the scald in his mouth and face was forever left, that is, disfigurement. Recalling that time, ye Longgang sighed and said, “the child’s life has been saved and he can speak. We are already very satisfied.”

Ye Longgang and his wife didn’t want their son to live in the eyes of others all his life. They vowed that they would do plastic surgery for their son in the future, so ye Longgang spared no effort to make money. Ye Longgang is a truck driver. He can bear hardships and is willing to be responsible. He is a “Iron Man” image in the eyes of others.

after the birth of the youngest son ye Ruihang in 2016, ye Longgang, the “Iron Man”, went even harder to make money. His wife worked with his children at home. Although the family’s life was very hard, there was a family full of positive energy, and it was also very happy. However, at the beginning of this year, 4-year-old child cotyledon Ruihang had an accident.

at first, the airline had a persistent low fever, nosebleed, pale complexion and weak limbs, so he went to the local hospital for examination, and the doctor asked him to go to the big hospital as soon as possible. On the same day, ye Longgang and his wife arrived at Wuhan children’s hospital with air navigation. After an examination, the airline was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia! Hearing the three words of “leukemia”, ye Longgang and his wife suddenly muddled, and fear and grief suddenly hit.

after listening to the doctor that the disease had a high cure rate, the couple were relieved. However, after listening to the doctor that it would take two or three years for treatment, and the cost would be at least 600000, ye Longgang and his wife were in trouble. The huge cost of treatment was astronomical for their family. However, his son’s condition did not allow him to think much about it. They had to think about it while starting treatment.

in this way, the 4-year-old sailor started chemotherapy. Bone puncture, lumbar puncture and infusion became common. Vomiting, toothache, oral ulcer and other side effects of chemotherapy drugs were often accompanied by the voyage. Every day of the treatment, the 4-year-old child was tortured by the disease. Ye Longgang and his wife, who were dying, were heartbroken, but there was no way.

although the treatment process was very painful, the 4-year-old hanghang was surprisingly strong. When he saw his mother crying, he comforted his mother and said, “I’m not afraid of pain after injection, I don’t cry!” For parents, sometimes the more sensible their children are, the more distressed they are. Ye Longgang secretly determined to do everything possible to cure his son’s illness.

spending money in the hospital was like running out of money. It wasn’t long before ye Longgang’s family ran out of money. The money was originally the money YE Longgang planned to give his eldest son cosmetic surgery. Not only that, ye Longgang also sold all the things that could be sold at home, and finally sold the house. He also asked relatives and friends to borrow money from everywhere, so as to make up for the treatment expenses in the early stage of the voyage. Because he had to take care of the children, ye Longgang couldn’t continue to drive the truck. He found a job site in Wuhan to do odd jobs. His wife took care of the children in the hospital. Besides working, ye Longgang had to cook and deliver meals to his wife and children.

while worrying about his son’s illness, he worried about money. Ye Longgang thought that it was the most difficult day for them, but soon after, the arrival of Xinguan epidemic made them worse in Wuhan. It’s nothing to be trapped in Wuhan. After all, all the houses in my family have been sold. What scares them most is that many people around them have been diagnosed with new crown. They are too afraid that they will be infected, because the resistance of navigation is very low. Once infected, the consequences will be unimaginable. In this way, a family of three survived the period of Wuhan City closure. Fortunately, none of them was infected.

no matter how big the difficulties are, they are all small episodes in the process of aviation treatment, and the longer treatment is still ahead. The doctor said that the follow-up treatment also needs to prepare at least 300000 yuan. But all the relatives and friends they knew could borrow it all, and the money for odd jobs was just a drop in the bucket. It is said that a penny is difficult to defeat hero Han, but ye Longgang is facing 300000! “I don’t have it! You can’t let two children have a good life. ” Ye Longgang cried.

looking at the lovely and sensible little son sailing, ye Longgang hates that he has no ability and that he can’t borrow money to cure his son. He knew that if he didn’t have money, his son would leave. Although the road to treatment was very difficult, he never wanted to give up. He had always been looking forward to waiting for his son, and his family would surely live a happy life again.

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