The weather turns cold. This delicious food should be eaten immediately. It is a perfect match for lotus root. My family can eat two of them a week, which is very moistening

After September, when the weather begins to cool, if you have a warm, nourishing soup at home. It is also a very comfortable thing to drink a bowl for family and myself from time to time.

if we want to talk about this soup, we must also talk about lotus root. The history of eating lotus root in China is very long, and also derived from such idioms as lotus root broken silk. Such a long period of time also fully proves the Chinese people’s love for lotus root. What’s more, lotus root and the ingredients to be mentioned are stewed in a pot, which is very moistening. I eat two of them a week!

in fact, the food we are talking about this time is the water duck. Unlike the ducks we usually eat, the water duck mostly lives in the water and seldom goes ashore. Moreover, the nutritional value of duck meat is also very high. Since ancient times, there have been examples of nourishing duck meat for the weak. So we boil the duck and lotus root together to make this lotus root stewed duck. After stewing, the taste is delicious and moist, and it is suitable to eat at this time.

I believe everyone in front of the screen has already begun to wonder how to make this stewed duck with lotus root. Let’s go on and have a look at it.

1. According to our own needs, we should buy the food materials needed this time in the market, wash the ducks with water, clean the inside and outside, and then cut them into the size you need with a knife. Wash lotus root, peel and slice with knife. Ginger is also washed with water, cut into ginger slices, angelica, medlar wash, put aside.

2. After we have prepared all the ingredients we need for this stew, we can start blanching duck meat. Take out the commonly used frying pan at home, add appropriate amount of water to the pot, boil the water in the pot at high heat, and then put the cut duck meat into the pot to blanch out excess blood and impurities.

3. After blanching the duck, we pour the water out of the pot, and put the boiled duck and lotus root together into the pot. We are preparing to start the soup.

4. After that, the prepared ginger, Angelica sinensis and Lycium barbarum were put into the pot together, which not only enriched the nutritional value, but also effectively removed the fishy smell in duck meat. Then add the appropriate amount of drinking water into the pot. The amount of water added should be able to overflow the height of the ingredients in the pot.

7. Then cover the pot again and cook the stewed duck with lotus root until the lotus root and duck in the pot are completely cooked, and then you can prepare to turn off the heat and come out of the pot.

after completing the above steps, the stewed duck with lotus root is ready. Are you still thinking about what kind of soup you should cook for your family and children? Then you might as well try this stewed duck with lotus root.

when you buy ducks, it’s easy to find that there are some feathers on the duck meat that have not been cleaned up. Please remember to clean them up and cook them in the pot.

Finally, I’m here to say goodbye. Have you all learned this stewed duck with lotus root? If you have any questions or suggestions on the content of the article, please leave a message in the comments area. I will reply to your questions in time. That’s all for this sharing. We’ll see you next time. Don’t forget to move your hands, praise and pay attention to it! 08/16/2020