The White House will issue new guidelines for campus restart

On August 12 local time, the White House said it would announce the restart of new campus standards. “We want schools to open safely as soon as possible,” said Kelly Conway, an adviser to the US president. Trump will announce eight specific guidelines on that day. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed on the same day by

, and two schools in Alabama, which were scheduled to start on 12, have changed plans to provide online teaching for students. Both schools have discussed the matter with the State Department of health, the Department of education and the governor of Alabama. “Because the staff who come into contact with the confirmed staff have to be self isolated and unable to work, we do not have enough staff to provide traditional teaching, which will not be restored until August 26,” the two schools said. At the same time, Phil Murphy, the governor of New Jersey, will officially announce on the 12th that schools will be allowed to choose distance teaching, which changes his strategy of calling for the campus to be restarted for several months. Several state school districts in New Jersey have said they will not restart their campuses this year and will only teach online, and teachers in several schools have expressed strong opposition to face-to-face teaching. “It’s futile to keep trying to do the impossible. So over the next five weeks, schools will spend as much time as possible to make distance learning possible, “said a school district official. In the last two weeks of July, at least 97078 American children tested positive for new crowns, an increase of 40% over previous weeks, according to NBC on the 11th. In some areas, such as Indiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia, students were found positive for the new coronavirus after returning to school. All close contacts were sent home for quarantine. Only seven days after the school reopened in the Northern School District of Georgia, more than 800 students and staff in the school district were told to isolate.