The woman married the Middle East with her cat love, but compared the desert to the cat litter basin and raised a large group of cats in the past 10 years

Keeping a cat is a great pleasure in life. Living with them every day makes the day that should have been lonely go so fast, but there is no loss in my heart, but sweet happiness.

“after I marry you, I will never have a cat any more, I will only concentrate on accompanying you”, a marriage declaration, let a woman follow her husband across the ocean to a desert without anything. Will she do as she said?

Keke, since I became a cat shoveling officer, can I give up smoking cats? It must not be used in sucking cats.

now that she has been in the United Arab Emirates for 10 years, since taking root in the desert with her husband, she has no more thoughts because Her husband loves her, her family loves her, and a large group of cats also love her.

speaking of the large group of cats beside Menezo, we can’t help but envy. What kind of husband is it that allows his wife to keep cats so “unscrupulously”; and what kind of woman can find a little meaning in life when she gets along with cats.

fortunately, the cat who has been with Menezo for several years followed her to her husband’s home. At least, she could feel the feeling of coming from her hometown in a place full of sand.

because it used to be a free range cat and could go out for a ride every day. As a result, it’s good. In the desert, we can dig sand to play, but we don’t have cat friends to share happiness.

it’s said that the longer a cat stays with a pooper, the more similar they will be in certain habits. Our two oranges don’t jump off. After all, we are quiet every day.

with nothing to do all day, Menezo gradually came up with a very interesting idea about the desert outside his house. It’s a pity not to have a cat in such a big cat litter basin, but also to have a companion for cat lovers.

the first cat I bought was to accompany the cat that she had brought from Japan. The second cat was bought to surprise her husband’s birthday. The third cat was bought to satisfy her husband’s need to raise a cow cat With more and more cats at home, Menezo was too lazy to find a reason, because his husband took the initiative to say, “I don’t remember the original declaration.”.

what is it like to have a cat in the desert? “It doesn’t matter how many cats there are. As long as you have something to eat, they will come back, much easier than herding sheep,” Menezo said.

these cats living in the desert are actually similar to the cats around us. They only play and sleep every day. When they are hungry, they go home to find meneze to feed, and when they go to the toilet, they go to the desert to solve the problem. It seems that all kinds of cat toys at home have failed to arouse the cat’s interest.

as for menezi, don’t you worry about these cats running away? There is nothing to worry about. Although the desert is big, the home is not big at all. If cats run deep into the desert, they will even have problems drinking water.

is a photo album published by Menezo in 2014, which not only depicts the images of many cats, but also the figures of camels, hedgehogs, rabbits and other small animals. Now, her home is not much worse than the “zoo” ~

in the distant afterglow of sunset, sand peaks are stacked, one or two figures roll down with the slope, and three or five cats follow leisurely behind. Life doesn’t have to be in a colorful world. The desert with a monochromatic tone can be so pleasant. The key lies in people’s hearts.