The woman suddenly had difficulty breathing while cleaning the garage! Doctor: it’s hard to cure

Recently, Aunt Li, supported by her son, came to the Department of respiratory medicine of Haining people’s hospital. Aunt Li, in her fifties, was a little fat and short of breath at that time. She speculated that it might be an asthma attack. Sun Yahong, director of Department of respiratory medicine of Haining people’s Hospital, immediately examined Aunt Li. After initial tests, she found that the mother’s lungs were full of wheezing sounds. Doctors diagnosed that Aunt Li was suffering from fungal allergic asthma and allergic pneumonia. Aunt Li recalled that day, she thought that the Huangmei day, which lasted for more than a month, was finally over and the sun was fine, so she planned to go to the garage to tidy up and dry up some things. < / P > < p > the terrain of the garage is a little low, and many things are moldy. After finishing for about an hour, Aunt Li felt itchy throat, cough, and frequent sneezing, a little chest tightness. < p > < p > before, Aunt Li had allergic rhinitis. When she had a serious attack, she also had a little cough, sneezing and other symptoms, which could be relieved after taking the medicine. So Aunt Li didn’t worry at all. She thought it was an old problem. When she got home, she drank some water and took some medicine, so she took a rest on the sofa. Soon, the symptoms eased a lot, and Aunt Li went to the garage to clean up. < p > < p > the second rest did not alleviate the symptoms. Moreover, Aunt Li obviously felt that her breath was getting heavier and heavier, there was a whirring sound in her throat, and she was lying on her uncomfortable ground. At present, this symptom is far away from the rhinitis attack, isn’t it < p > < p > Aunt Li had seen her sister’s asthma attack with her own eyes, and she wondered if she had asthma. As a result, the family rushed to the hospital with Aunt Li. It’s no coincidence that Dr. Sun told the reporter that after Aunt Li, another 30-year-old patient, Xiao Zhang, came to see the doctor. Unlike Aunt Li, Xiao Zhang has a history of asthma, but his condition has been well controlled for several years. Xiao Zhang is a teacher. He is at home during the summer vacation. When he is free, he arranges his bookcase. What Xiaozhang didn’t expect was that his asthma, which had not happened for several years, was aggravated by the arrangement of the damp bookcase. < / P > < p > in addition to moldy objects and damp books, there is also one thing that unexpectedly aggravates asthma in patients – no clean air conditioning. Many fungi and dust are accumulated in the filter screen of air conditioner. If the patient is allergic to these, the air conditioner will induce asthma. According to doctors, fungal sensitized asthma is a common type of bronchial asthma, which can be caused by inhalation or ingestion of fungal allergens. < / P > < p > once the allergen is identified, it should be avoided as far as possible. Keep away from the environment with excessive fungi and dust mites, or wear masks to effectively reduce respiratory tract infection and contact with allergens. At the same time, the house can be treated to remove mites. The bedroom should be ventilated and dry. The bedding should be made of cotton. It should be washed with hot water every week and dried in the sun. < p > < p > when the asthma is mild, the patient is conscious, can lie on his back without cyanosis, and his activity is mildly limited; < / P > < p > when he has a severe attack, the patient is forced to hold his seat, shrug his shoulders in front of his hands, and his forehead is sweating or sweating profusely, and cyanosis occurs. There are great differences in the frequency and duration of asthma attacks. Dr. Sun stressed that in case of cough, expectoration, chest tightness and asthma of unknown causes, it is recommended to go to the respiratory department of a regular hospital for treatment in time, so as not to delay the disease. < / P > < p > some patients go to travel doctors and believe that the so-called folk prescription will delay the disease and even cause complications such as hypertension, diabetes, and necrosis of the femoral head, with high cost. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!