The world’s first panoramic dynamic PET-CT was established in Henan Province, and tiny lesions were detected in 3 minutes

Mr. Sun, 49, came to the PET-CT center of the imaging department of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital for pulmonary nodules. After being scanned by the world’s first panoramic dynamic PET-CT, he not only accurately identified the pulmonary nodules as malignant tumors, but also broke through the previous technical limitations.

“if not for panoramic dynamic PET-CT, these lesions may be missed.” Wang Meiyun, director of Henan Medical Imaging Center and director of Medical Imaging Department of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, said.

as a truly high-end equipment in the field of medical imaging examination, panoramic dynamic PET-CT provides faster, more sensitive and safer examination services for the majority of patients.

its revolutionary ultra-high parameters in the history of molecular imaging and the realization of sub second level 4D high-definition dynamic imaging system for multiple tissues and organs can not only play a unique advantage in the detection of small tumor lesions, diagnosis of nervous system diseases, cardiovascular system diseases and some non neoplastic diseases, but also provide accurate diagnosis and treatment of tumors, pharmacokinetic research and clinical evaluation of targeted drugs Clinical application and scientific research provide the latest edge tools.

“traditional PET-CT has difficulties in detecting micro tumor foci smaller than 8 mm. However, panoramic dynamic PET-CT supports high-definition small pixel reconstruction, which can clearly and accurately display more details and detect small lesions with diameter less than 3 mm, so as to realize more accurate early diagnosis and treatment of small tumor lesions, and tumor patients can also obtain more suitable treatment scheme in time to effectively improve the quality of life Good prognosis of patients. This is of great significance for early diagnosis and standardized prevention and treatment of tumors Director Wang Meiyun said.

on May 29, the world’s first “uexplorer Explorer” panoramic dynamic PET-CT was established in Henan Provincial People’s Hospital and operated smoothly.

we went to the PET-CT center of imaging department of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital for examination. After panoramic dynamic PET-CT scan, we were diagnosed with multiple metastases of lung cancer and multiple bone metastases in both lower limbs.

“if these lesions are missed and continue to” hide “, Ms. Jiang will not get timely and effective treatment, and the consequences will be unimaginable!” Director Wang Meiyun said.

it is reported that panoramic dynamic PET-CT will expand the axial field of vision from 20-30cm of traditional PET-CT to nearly 2m, realizing the whole body scanning of human body in one bed.

sub second level whole-body dynamic instantaneous imaging and ultra long range dynamic imaging can comprehensively show the drug metabolism process, dynamic imaging can evaluate the lower limb state of patients with diabetic foot, and dynamic imaging can evaluate multiple pulmonary metastases, etc., which solves the problem that conventional PET-CT scanning can not cover all the limbs and lower limb lesions, and can make a forward-looking judgment on the development of the disease.

the fast scanning speed is one of the advantages of panoramic dynamic PET-CT. The examination time of traditional PET-CT is about 20 minutes, which is often difficult for severe patients and children.

panoramic dynamic PET-CT can allow patients to complete scanning within 3 minutes and obtain high-quality images. It can not only provide patients with severe diseases, elderly patients and children with opportunities for examination, but also solve the bottleneck problem of conventional PET-CT imaging inspection appointment.

panoramic dynamic PET-CT has strong clinical practicability. The sensitivity of the whole machine is 40 times higher than that of the traditional PET-CT, and the radiation dose generated during scanning is reduced to 1 / 40 of that of the traditional equipment, which makes it possible to greatly reduce the radiation dose in the examination, and greatly expand its scope of application, so that it can be further applied to the imaging diagnosis of pregnant women, infants and patients with large body weight Break.

in terms of scientific research, panoramic dynamic PET / CT also has the world’s first 4D high-definition dynamic imaging system to realize sub second level whole-body multiple tissues and organs, which can real-time track and observe the whole process of radioactive tracer flowing in blood vessels, diffusion, and finally uptake and metabolism by tissues and organs after injection.

“this is of great significance for new drug research. As we all know, innovative drugs with small side effects are the goal of new drug development and the development demand of clinical drug use. In the research of candidate new drugs, the evaluation of its mechanism of action, efficacy and toxicity is the prerequisite for clinical research. Panoramic dynamic PET-CT can help to reveal the mechanism of drug action, evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of drugs “Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a novel coronavirus pneumonia. If you want to study the new crown pneumonia specific drug, panoramic dynamic PET-CT provides a good tool to understand the metabolic mechanism and toxic side effects of new drugs in humans,” Wang Meiyun said.

it is reported that relying on panoramic dynamic PET-CT, Henan Provincial People’s hospital is actively promoting the construction of Key Laboratory for imaging diagnosis and research of neurological diseases in Henan Province, focusing on the research of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other difficult diseases.

“at present, the imaging department team of Henan Provincial People’s hospital is actively expanding the application scope of panoramic dynamic PET-CT, and united with relevant medical institutions at home and abroad, striving to make breakthroughs in molecular probes and drug research, so as to further improve the overall influence of the hospital and the level of scientific research construction.” Wang Meiyun said.

the subversive change of traditional clinical concept is of great significance for further improving the clinical and scientific research platform of the hospital, expanding the influence of the hospital, and continuously improving the construction level of medical imaging and related disciplines.