The world’s first surviving 7-birth fetus costs 300000 a month. 23 years later, the status quo is really gratifying

For women, pregnancy itself is a great test of physical fitness, and even some pregnant mothers are difficult to adapt in the early pregnancy, and lose more than 20 kg of weight, which is really heartbreaking. But it’s so hard to be pregnant with a baby. What kind of experience would it be like to have seven babies?

in 1997, Bobbi, an American mother, was well known all over the world for giving birth to a “seven child fetus”. After all, this is the first rare seven birth fetus successfully delivered and survived in the world.

as a matter of fact, before giving birth to seven births, Bobbi and her husband had already had an older daughter. The child is cute and sensible. But the couple always wanted to have three children, so they actively prepared for pregnancy again.

but because she couldn’t conceive for a long time, Bobbi listened to the doctor’s advice and took powerful ovulation promoting drugs. This time, she was pregnant. When Bobbi went to the labor examination with great joy, the doctor told her that she was “pregnant with seven babies”, and clearly stated that in order to ensure the healthy development of the fetus, it was the best choice for Bobbi and the child to reduce the number of babies.

but the kind-hearted Bobbi and her husband are hard to choose. How can they decide the fate of their children without authorization, knowing that the palm and the back of the hand are all flesh? As a result, the couple strongly insisted on all the birth protection, and thus began her long and difficult pregnancy road.

because of the rapid development of the baby, Bobbi gradually does not have the strength to get out of bed. After walking a few steps, he will soon be tired, and he needs to eat once every 40 minutes. But even if Bobbi was so careful, Bobbi was still born prematurely. There were 4 boys and 3 girls. Among them, the heaviest baby was only 2 jin. In addition, 2 babies suffered from cerebral palsy.

at the beginning, all the children need to live in the incubator. Seven babies need 10000 yuan a day and spend 300000 yuan in less than 30 days. Fortunately, the babies are strong enough to survive the dangerous period. For Bobbi, however, the biggest problem lies ahead.

we must know that raising seven babies requires a better material foundation. After all, they need to drink 42 bottles of milk and use 52 diapers a day. Within a few days, the couple felt the financial pressure. Fortunately, the neighbors and good-natured people around them donated a villa of more than 500 square meters, as well as milk powder that can be used for two years to help the bobbis survive the parenting crisis.

now the children are all 23 years old. Seven children are doing their own jobs. Some are soldiers and some are in the construction industry. All of them have grown up very well, and their physical fitness is relatively good. The family lives happily and happily.

for couples with difficult pregnancy, it is a good choice to choose IVF. Moreover, the probability of in vitro twins is very high, the quality of embryos is relatively high, and there are more people doing it in real life. Just like one of my cousins, it’s hard to conceive naturally because of her unexplained miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Later, she gave birth to a pair of twins through a test tube.

if a couple wants to have multiple births under normal circumstances, they usually look at heredity. After all, relevant medical research shows that the family has a history of having multiple births, then the probability of this couple having multiple births is higher than that of ordinary family couples.

you should know that under normal circumstances, women only lay one egg a month, but if, like Bobbi, an American mother mentioned at the beginning of the article, she can achieve the goal of multiple ovulation by taking ovulation promoting drugs, so that the probability of having multiple births will be greatly increased.

women themselves are prone to anemia. After all, their big aunts spend a lot of blood every month. And women after pregnancy because of pregnancy, diet work and rest are greatly affected, basically will be too much lack of nutrition, hemoglobin in the body decreased, and then lead to anemia. However, if you are pregnant with a baby, you will be anemic, not to mention having multiple births. Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to the prevention of anemia.

after many women get pregnant, the older generation try their best to supplement nutrition for the pregnant women, for fear that the fetus will not absorb nutrition. However, we should know that if the fetus absorbs excessive nutrition, it is easy for the fetus to develop into a huge baby, so that women will have dystocia in childbirth. In fact, the daily diet of the family now has meat and vegetable, which can basically meet the growth of pregnant women, so there is no need for extra tonic.