The youngest baby in the world was only the size of an apple when she was born. After 14 years, she grew into a beautiful girl

For expectant mothers during pregnancy, beautiful appearance and beautiful clothes are not the focus of their attention. At this time, the most important thing for them is whether the baby in their belly can grow healthily.

so they go out every day with plain face, big clothes, and no longer care about their image. They insist on doing regular birth examination, for fear that negligence will affect their baby.

but there are still some mothers to be. Despite such care, the result is still very uncomfortable for her. The baby starts before the day comes. This is what pregnant mothers worry about most about premature delivery.

we all know that all functions of premature infants are not fully developed. At this time, the survival rate of premature infants is not high. Therefore, when the children are premature, most of them will be put in the incubator of the hospital, so that they can still enjoy the same safety protection as the mother’s stomach, otherwise, the external bacterial invasion will make their body difficult to resist.

in 2006, the world’s smallest premature baby was born in the United States. Her whole body was not as big as an adult’s palm, only 280 grams.

when you see her picture, you can’t help but exclaim: can this baby, who has only lived in her mother’s stomach for 21 weeks, survive smoothly? What an unknown number.

because of her small body, nurses and aunts feel that they can’t do anything about it. Moreover, the lung function and various organs of the body are not fully developed, and the whole breathing is weak.

fortunately, after more than four months of intensive care, the strong baby survived and has now grown into a beautiful girl. This case is also called a miracle of premature infants by the medical community.

children grow up in their mother’s womb, which is also the most expensive room in their lives. But if the mother has a disease of her own, such as a deformed uterus, the room of the fetus is naturally crumbling.

uterine malformation will lead to abnormal development of children, and even dysplasia in the uterus, which greatly increases the phenomenon of premature birth and is very dangerous.

during pregnancy, pregnant women, that is, the giant panda at home, will be protected. Whether it is in terms of food and drink or housing and transportation, they will be given specific care. In addition, the living conditions of families are good now, and few people will have malnutrition.

but some mothers are very picky about their food since childhood. After pregnancy, the effect of progesterone will cause nausea and vomiting, which will hinder their eating, resulting in the lack of specific nutrients for the growth of some children, which is also a phenomenon of malnutrition. In particular, pregnant mothers with anemia, or lack of protein, folic acid and other elements in the body, will lead to premature birth.

I often hear of postpartum depression. In fact, during pregnancy, some pregnant women will become very sensitive and even make their whole mental state in a state of extreme tension. This kind of mood lingers in the whole pregnancy, will naturally affect the development of the fetus in the stomach.

as the saying goes, if a mother and son are connected to each other, they will naturally affect the development of the fetus in the womb, and even cause growth retardation. Therefore, pregnant mothers must maintain a peaceful state of mind, relax their emotions, and do not let themselves be in a sad situation, which will increase the risk of premature delivery.

a pregnant mother in the second trimester of pregnancy is most taboo. At this time, her family must pay more attention to her, and do not get excited. Pregnant mothers should also learn to adjust their body and mind, maintain a comfortable state, not to be overjoyed or sad.

in addition, after pregnancy, try to attend family dinners and more crowded dinners, where there are many people and the air is noisy, it is easy to affect the development of the fetus. Encounter really can not ease things, leading to emotional loss, timely speak out to communicate with the family, do not suffocate in the impact of the body.

although it is said that pregnant women can’t lie in bed every day, they should also do proper exercise. Moreover, some doctors also suggest that pregnant women should exercise more, which is not only good for their health, but also conducive to normal labor.

moderate and gentle exercise does help pregnant women’s body, but if it is too intense, it must be strictly prohibited, which will easily lead to abortion or premature birth.

we all know that children must sleep more if they want to develop rapidly and grow healthily after birth. In particular, scientists have found that a large number of growth hormone secretion is in deep sleep will have.

especially when the fetal development is not stable, try to avoid going out and stay in bed more, which can not only avoid premature delivery to the greatest extent, but also keep abreast of the changes in fetal development. In order to take timely measures to intervene when there are problems.

like an old hen, a mother spreads her wings to protect her children. So pregnant mother must pay attention to their pregnancy behavior, not because of their ignorance and cause serious consequences. 08/16/2020