There are four phenomena in the body, and your blood sugar may rise

We eat a lot of food every day. If it is not controlled, a lot of high calorie and high sugar food will be eaten into our body. The long-term excess of calories and nutrition results in obesity and the rise of blood sugar.

at present, the middle-aged and the elderly are no longer the high-risk population of diabetes, and young people are also one of them. And a lot of prediabetes have no obvious characteristics at all. Once the appearance of polydipsia, polyuria, weight loss is suitable, has been very serious diabetes, some even accompanied by serious complications.

therefore, it is very important to detect the changes of the body and prevent the complications of diabetes as soon as possible. The occurrence of hyperglycemia in the body has obvious performance, if there are these changes in the hands and feet, remind you to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

when numbness occurs in hands and feet, we should pay attention to it. There are many symptoms of numbness in the early stage of diabetes. Because of high blood sugar, blood sugar rise, let the nerve sensitive, the body appears metabolic disorder at the same time, because of nerve compression and produce numbness. If you often have numbness, you should check your blood sugar as soon as possible. If you can go to the hospital, go to the hospital as soon as possible to do a comprehensive examination.

if the body’s blood sugar rises for a long time, the immunity is easily affected, so it is easy to have infection. If the hands and feet often grow various herpes, and these wounds are not painful or itchy, the wounds are difficult to heal for a long time. If this phenomenon occurs, do not ignore, may not be a simple skin disease, you can also look at the blood sugar situation. It may be diabetes. Adjust your diet as soon as possible.

3 when the body has high blood sugar, it is easy to breed bacteria and dry skin. If the skin itches for a long time and there is no improvement after scratching the itch, it is necessary to consider whether the blood glucose of the body is unstable. Daily attention to do a good job in hand and foot care, drink more water, pay attention to supplement water.

if the body’s metabolism is abnormal, such as sweating more than usual. Even if you don’t have to do heavy physical work, the weather is not hot, and your hands and feet are sweating, you should observe your body changes a little more and take early measures to promote prevention.