There are four signs of the body, which may be the signal of liver cancer? These two types of people should test themselves as soon as possible

Liver is an important organ of the human body, not only an important member of the digestive system, but also has the function of detoxification. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most serious malignant tumors.

liver cancer is not obvious in the early stage. Many people only know that they have liver cancer after examination. If there are four signs in the body in life, it may be the signal of liver cancer. Two types of people need to pay enough attention to self-test in time.

1. The body will not have no reason for pain, if there is a tumor or mass in the liver area, it will naturally compress the liver capsule, causing the liver capsule to be pulled, or it may be that the tumor dead body makes the liver capsule stimulated, causing pain in the right rib. In the late stage of liver cancer, the mass will be obvious and protrude in the skin.

2. Digestive tract discomfort. Digestive tract discomfort is reflected in loss of appetite and fullness of upper abdomen. Many reasons can cause loss of appetite. However, if accompanied by upper abdominal fullness, the situation is different. It may be that liver cells have carcinogenesis, affecting the digestion and detoxification function of the liver, and then affecting the secretion of gastric juice. Some patients will also have vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and other symptoms.

3. Fever of unknown origin. Liver cancer makes the patient’s immunity decline, the bacteria can take advantage of it, the patient’s temperature regulation center imbalance, appear fever symptoms. In addition, liver cells in necrosis can also lead to fever. The general fever is low heat and medium heat, and a few are high fever. If the body has fever, the body may be transmitting signals, which needs to be checked in time, so as not to let the liver cancer “stick in the needle”.

4. Liver cancer impairs liver function and affects digestive function. In addition, the proliferation of tumor needs to consume energy and nutrients of the body, which makes patients lose weight for unknown reasons, and their mental state is also affected, showing fatigue and fatigue.

1. Detoxification is an important function of the liver. If the liver has problems, it is not conducive to the excretion of wastes and toxins in the body. Waste and toxins that cannot be metabolized normally may be excreted with sweat, and there will be a bad smell, that is, body odor.

2. People with bad breath. Similarly, the metabolism of the liver is affected, and the ammonia content in the blood will rise. These unfriendly ammonia flows into the mouth and nose with the blood, and is discharged through the mouth and nose in the daily speech and breath, resulting in the bad smell of the mouth, that is, halitosis.

2. Pay attention to daily diet, do not eat moldy food, because mildew food contains a lot of aflatoxin, its metabolite aflatoxin B1 may induce liver cancer. Try to eat less seafood, especially undercooked seafood, which will have a lot of liver disease parasites.

eating foods rich in α – linolenic acid can improve the disease resistance and toxicity of liver cells. Work and rest, less stay up late, work and rest, liver in the period of detoxification try to keep sleep. Reduce smoking and drinking, exercise more, strengthen their own immunity.

if liver pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, unexplained fever and unexplained weight loss occur, we must pay enough attention to them. These may be signs of liver cancer. People with body odor and halitosis must test themselves. Life is not sure, combined with their own actual situation, to the hospital to do the relevant examination, daily also need to maintain the liver.