There are more than two months before the winter vacation for primary school students, and online class orders soar 27 times

Although it is more than two months away from the winter vacation for primary and secondary school students in Chongqing, a variety of winter vacation classes have been opened. Recently, according to the data released, the number of orders for primary school related courses in tmall’s “double 11” has reached 27 times that of last year. Yesterday, the reporter visited and learned that many parents in Chongqing also ordered online classes early to prepare for their children’s winter vacation in advance. In this regard, Wang Weihong, former vice president of Chongqing Academy of education and science, reminds parents to choose online courses rationally according to their children’s age characteristics, evaluate the learning effect, and remember to encourage them to grow up. < / P > < p > shows that the winter vacation classes, which had to be launched in December in previous years, were put on the shelves of “double 11” in advance this year, and Baoma’s parents also made plans for winter vacation early. The number of orders for primary school related courses was 27 times that of last year. < p > < p > < p > the promotion and classification of famous teachers, the enrollment of famous teachers’ universities, and the special training classes with difficulties The reporter inquired on the e-commerce website and found that by inputting the “winter vacation online course”, the search results showed that there were hundreds of related products with prices ranging from a few yuan to several thousand yuan, with tens of thousands of people purchasing the most. < / P > < p > compared with the courses with thousands of yuan, the low-cost “low-cost experience courses” are selling very well. “Shops in Chongqing sell well over 1000 primary schools, junior high school and high school mathematics teacher recruitment course”. The live class of an online training institution only costs 9 yuan, which not only includes 13 classes, but also presents a set of teaching aid gift bag for free, which is favored by many parents. Store sales show that the new products have been on the shelves for 32 days and 2110 people have paid for them. < / P > < p > similarly, the “Ai class” of an online education institution is also very popular. The experience class with only 89 yuan includes 30 AI interactive classes, 3 sets of teaching aids, and “full course guidance by professional teachers”. Within a month, 1944 people have bought. < / P > < p > this winter vacation, almost all online education institutions have launched various forms of low-cost experience courses, “19 yuan for 13 hours”, “29 yuan for 39 hours”, “9.9 yuan for 23 classes, foreign teachers” 1-to-1 “online teaching, and various kinds of preferential experience courses. < / P > < p > the seemingly cost-effective and time-saving online course has attracted many Chongqing parents. During the “double 11” period, Ms. Gao, who lives in Jiulongpo, spent 9 yuan on the Internet to buy a live class for her son in grade three during the winter vacation. Every day for an hour and a half, live broadcast of a total of five days of class, “the course books have been received, full of a box, there is a schedule, feel worth more.” Ms. Su of Yuzhong District chose an online course of 660 yuan. “The child is in the fifth grade, and her basic knowledge is not well mastered. I will make up for her during the winter vacation.” Ms. Su said frankly that her daughter originally took off-line classes. She felt that the learning effect was not good, and it took nearly two hours to go back and forth to class each time, which was very inconvenient. This time, taking advantage of the preferential activities, she chose online classes instead. “Online classes are very convenient. Classes at home not only save time, but also don’t have to worry about security issues. You can watch the playback at any time, and it’s also convenient for children to check and fill in the gaps.” Ms. Zhao from Nan’an District spent 89 yuan online to buy 30 English classes for her first grade daughter. “It’s very good. Technology changes life. Children like interactive cartoons. Exercise books are like Sticker Books and painting books. Learning time is flexible, and teaching is fun.” Ms. Zhao said that the English line that she usually bought for her daughter was one year. “I didn’t expect that such a low price of live class could be obtained. It was very cheap and cost-effective.” In addition, the reason why Chinese and foreign teachers have more free time to interview and send their children online is that they can save a lot of time and resources for online education. How can parents choose online classes for their children? Wang Weihong, former vice president of Chongqing Academy of education and science, said that online courses are very convenient, but the requirements are high and there are certain limitations. When parents choose online courses for their children, they must keep their eyes open and see whether the platform has legal qualifications. They should also choose rationally according to the children’s age characteristics, evaluate the learning effect, and remember to help them grow up. < / P > < p > “it is very difficult for parents to keep their children in class all the time when they choose online classes for their children, which is a big challenge to their children’s consciousness. There is a lack of learning atmosphere at home, and children tend to be distracted. Even if they are accompanied by adults, the actual learning effect of online classes is not as good as imagined. ” Wang Weihong said that a number of surveys on the quality of students’ online learning during the epidemic period showed that the quality of online courses was not very good, and some highly operational courses were not suitable for online courses, which parents should pay attention to when choosing. < / P > < p > for the “low price experience course” which is popular in sales, Wang Weihong said, “in fact, it is a way of promotion, attracting users with very low prices, and then guiding them to buy more courses.” He believes that such experience courses, as some auxiliary courses in the holidays, can let children try first. Parents should understand their children’s reaction, evaluation and feelings to the classroom. If children are interested in the form and content of the classroom and learn effectively, parents can choose according to the actual situation. 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