There are seven things to pay attention to after cesarean section. They are related to the recovery of Baoma’s body and wound. Don’t ignore it

At present, the cesarean section rate in China has been at a high level, the national average level is about 40%, some areas have even soared to 80% ~ 90%, the situation is not optimistic at all. < / P > < p > in addition to some health reasons that cannot be changed, such as intrauterine distress and abnormal fetal position, many pregnant women choose to join the cesarean section army for subjective reasons. < / P > < p > then, after cesarean section, how can a pregnant mother do to make her body recover as soon as possible? Doing these seven things well after the operation can not only make the pregnant mother recover well, but also relieve the huge scar left after childbirth, so that the beauty of Baoma is online. When Xiaoli was pregnant, she always wanted to have a good birth. Therefore, she always insisted on doing sports during her pregnancy, from walking to jogging. In the second trimester of pregnancy, she specially joined the swimming club to exercise more, so that she could have a strong body. However, when it came to the expected date of delivery, a small matter broke Xiao Li’s original plan. One day in 39 weeks, after getting up in the morning, Xiao Li suddenly felt that the baby’s fetal movement was not right, much quieter than usual. < p > < p > the old mother’s intuition made Xiao Li feel wrong. She called on her husband who had not yet got up, so they rushed to the hospital. Sure enough, it was the baby who suffered from intrauterine hypoxia. < p > < p > without delay, the doctor immediately gave Xiao Li a cesarean section, and the baby’s face was purple. Obviously, the hypoxia was very serious. Fortunately, the operation was timely, and both the baby and Xiaoli were safe. < / P > < p > do a good job of cleaning and dressing every day. Because it is not a scar constitution, Xiao Li after childbirth can hardly see the scar, and she is in good shape as before delivery. Like a child picked up, no one knows how much she has suffered. < p > < p > Baoma know that they need to observe for 2 hours after natural birth, and then they can go back to the general ward. However, there are many repair steps needed after cesarean section, so the pregnant mother should know in advance to do a good job of body recovery. < p > < p > after the cesarean section operation, Baoma’s body is still very weak. In order to promote wound recovery and avoid infection, Baoma needs to lie on the pillow for 6 hours and fast food and water, which can be said to be very lonely. < p > < p > at this time, Baoma needs to infuse glucose to meet her basic energy needs. Family members can dip cotton swabs in water and wipe their lips for Baoma, so that pregnant mothers feel less dry and intolerable. < / P > < p > although there are anesthetics in the process of cesarean section, but the postpartum Baoma need to face the pain of pressing the stomach. Many Baoma will never forget the pain, which is no worse than the uterine contraction of natural labor. It is really very painful. < / P > < p > after 6 hours of lying down on the pillow, the pregnant mother needs proper activities, turn over more in bed, which can promote exhaust, and can drink some radish soup, which is also helpful for exhaust. < / P > < p > 24 hours after the operation, Baoma needs to pull out the urinary tube and start to try to get out of bed. At this time, getting out of bed to defecate is an important activity to help wound recovery. It is recommended that Baoma should get out of bed once every 1-2 hours. < p > < p > in order to promote the wound recovery after cesarean section, Baoma needs to spread a layer of dressing on her stomach, which needs to be replaced regularly, which is very important for the wound recovery and scar reduction of Baoma. < / P > < p > in addition to dressings, Baoma also needs to clean the wound area every day. In addition to the daily dressing change, it is recommended to wipe the wound with a wet towel to keep it clean and avoid bacterial invasion, so as to avoid infection and make the wound heal faster. < p > < p > after operation, Baoma should try to avoid baby hugging, take more rest and reduce the pulling of wound as far as possible, so as to recover as soon as possible, especially after delivery, pay attention to sleep, avoid getting up too many times at night, so as to make the wound better faster. HEALTHY LIFE