There are three kinds of food at home, or “hotbed” of liver disease. Throw it away as soon as possible and don’t eat it again

In this hot and humid weather, many people just because they are lazy and don’t want to go out to buy vegetables. They will buy more vegetables at one time, put them in the refrigerator or store them. But there is always a variety of food at home, which is very tempting for greedy people.

they all say that illness comes from the mouth, so no matter what you eat, don’t drink too fast blindly. This process may cause you to get some germs or even diseases.

potatoes are one of the foods that people usually hoard. They are delicious and can cook a variety of meals. It’s delicious when it’s mashed. You don’t need to put it in the refrigerator. You can keep it at room temperature for a long time. But you can’t buy too much at once. After all, if you like to eat more, you also want to change your taste. The rest of the potato has been there, in order to prevent pests from invading themselves, they produce some substances to protect themselves.

but those substances are toxic, especially those called solanine. Can eat potato content is very low, no harm to people, you can rest assured to eat. However, if the color turns green, the sprouted potatoes will not work. If you eat a lot of solanine, you will get food poisoning. Because the harmful substances may have spread to the whole potato, just can’t be seen, so don’t cut it and continue to eat. It’s better to throw them away.

it’s not just sprouted potatoes that people cut for fear of waste and continue to eat. There are also some foods that are mildewed. Reluctant to throw, will throw away the moldy part, feel that can continue to eat the part. But in fact, the toxin has not been completely eliminated, but it may not be visible to the naked eye, which also carries the risk of damaging the liver.

the common moldy food is Aspergillus flavus, which can cause serious damage to our liver cells and even pathological changes. It is suggested not to eat moldy food any more.

the frequency of appearance on the dining table is very high, and it is convenient to make. As for agaric and fungi, which often appear in hotpot. The taste is very good, but there will be many cases of people entering the hospital because of the edible fungus.

the dried fungus itself is certainly non-toxic, but it is not the same after blistering. Many news reports will report that food poisoning occurs after eating a long time of immersion. The reason is that Auricularia auricula can easily produce a kind of pathogenic bacteria after a long time of immersion. If people eat it, it may cause abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhea, and also damage our liver. If we do not get timely treatment, there may be life-threatening.

liver disease will lead to endocrine disorders, resulting in decreased metabolism. Then the ability to metabolize melanin will be weakened, which will make the skin black and dark. There will be dark circles around the eyes.

hands with poor liver usually have liver palms, which are different from those of normal people. The hands are white and not bloody, and they are very dry, and the nails may appear vertical stripes or fracture.

with the continuous improvement of living conditions, the richness of food has been improved. There are also some high-fat and high calorie foods at home. However, the frequent use of these foods is extremely bad for our liver. A lot of fat and heat will only bring a lot of burden to the liver, and not easy to metabolize, fat accumulation in the liver, but also prone to fatty liver.

therefore, we should reduce the consumption of these high-fat and high-calorie foods, and eat more natural and green foods. Fiber can not only supplement nutrition, but also can not be easily absorbed, reduce the burden of liver and relieve liver qi.

drinking water can help our body strengthen its basic metabolic capacity, promote blood circulation and improve the liver’s ability to function. If you don’t feel like drinking water, adding natural herbs will help your liver.

cassia seed: it has the function of eyesight and liver protection, and can repair the liver. And can also inhibit the synthesis of body fat, many effects. So the water can also add some cassia seed, so that the tea is no longer tasteless. CUISINE&HEALTH