There are three kinds of “needs” of pregnant women, which are very strong and cannot be stopped. Doctor: they can be satisfied

Doctors said that women will secrete a large number of hormones after pregnancy, in which estrogen will rise to about 10 times of the original, and to the eve of childbirth, estrogen is more than 1000 times higher than normal.

after pregnancy, women’s body will change a lot, and there will also be a lot of “needs”. In this regard, pregnant mothers are often in a dilemma because they want to satisfy and are afraid of harming the fetus.

Xiaoxuan still insists on going to work after she is pregnant, but recently she has a “hard word to hide”. It turned out that since she was pregnant, she always wanted to go to the toilet. Obviously, she didn’t drink much water, but she still wanted to urinate.

but she was also embarrassed to always go to the toilet. She was afraid that her colleagues and leaders would think that she was lazy because of her pregnancy, so she tried to hold back every time, but after a long time, she even faintly felt that she was not right.

when she went to the hospital for examination, she was found to have urinary tract infection because she was always holding her urine. The doctor told her: “it is a very normal phenomenon to urinate frequently during pregnancy, because the pregnant belly will oppress the uterus, and it is likely to cause urinary tract infection just like her.”

“not only that, holding urine during pregnancy can also stimulate frequent uterine contraction, which may lead to premature delivery or abortion. When there is a need, it must be solved immediately and can not be held back. ”

according to the survey, women after pregnancy usually begin to urinate frequently after 6 weeks of pregnancy. If it is the anterior position of the uterus, the frequency of urination will be earlier.

doctors said that with pregnancy, frequent urination is a very normal phenomenon. It will last from 6 weeks of pregnancy to the second and third trimester of pregnancy, and it will be relieved. But if you are in the posterior position of the uterus, you will still urinate frequently in the third trimester.

doctor’s advice: you must not hold your urine. Holding urine will stimulate uterine contraction, which is easy to cause abortion and premature delivery. Moreover, holding urine for a long time will make the bladder lose elasticity, which is not conducive to detoxification, and is extremely harmful to the health of pregnant women and fetus.

in addition, we should pay attention to the sleeping posture and try to choose the side lying, which can reduce the pressure of the uterus on the ureter and reduce the frequency of urination. In addition, do not drink a lot of water within 1-2 hours before going to bed to avoid affecting the sleep of pregnant mother.

especially for women who are thinner during pregnancy, they will gain more weight after pregnancy. Pregnant mothers must not restrain their desire to eat. “Hungry” is the “growth” signal that the baby sends to you.

doctors suggest: from the 14th week of pregnancy, we need more nutrition, especially calcium, at least 1000 mg a day. In addition, fish and egg milk should not be dropped.

after 28 weeks of gestation, we should make the baby get enough nutrition, especially during this period, the baby’s brain develops rapidly. In addition to staple food, milk and eggs, we can also eat some fish and animal liver.

in fact, intimacy between husband and wife during pregnancy is absolutely OK. Although the pregnant mother is pregnant, there is no change in the cervix between 4 and 6 months of pregnancy, which can firmly hold the baby’s territory.

studies have shown that: when intimate behavior occurs, pregnant mothers secrete more estrogen, which will stimulate the development of fetal brain nerves to a certain extent.

doctors suggest: during pregnancy, you should remember to avoid “the first three and the last three”. Only in the second trimester, that is, between 4 and 6 months of gestation, can the placenta be fully developed and the baby is basically stable, but the movement must be gentle and controllable.

However, if the pregnant mother has experienced abortion before, or if there are some abnormal phenomena during pregnancy, including placenta previa and pregnancy bleeding, intimacy is not recommended.

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