There are three signals on the foot, which may be liver disease “knocking on the door”. Please check yourself as soon as possible, and do not ignore it

In healthy condition, the sole of the foot is white and red. If the sole of the foot turns white and there is no blood color, it is necessary to be alert to liver problems. Because the liver’s detoxification function is reduced, the metabolic waste in the blood can not be discharged in time. The metabolic waste will stay in the blood, which will cause the blood vessels on the feet to be blocked, resulting in insufficient blood supply, and the palms of the feet will turn white and have no blood color. If accompanied by general weakness and dizziness, the first time to do liver function test. In general, dryness of the sole of the foot is related to the skin of the foot, and it may be liver abnormality and endocrine disorder. When the liver cells are damaged, the liver function will be affected, and the endocrine system will be abnormal, which will make the skin dark yellow and dry. < / P > < p > usually, the color of the sole of the foot is slightly ruddy. If it is not due to the yellowing of the sole caused by the thick cuticle, it is necessary to be alert to liver diseases. When liver cells are damaged, bilirubin can not be discharged normally, bilirubin will flow back into the blood, causing the soles of feet to turn yellow. < / P > < p > proteins can repair hepatocytes and promote their regeneration, which can be obtained from milk, beans, lean meat and eggs. Vitamins in the body are mainly stored in the liver. When the liver is damaged, the capacity of vitamin storage will be reduced. Reasonable vitamin A supplementation can protect the liver, inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells in the liver, and promote the recovery of normal functions of tissues. It can be obtained from tomatoes, animal livers, spinach and carrots. Therefore, we must correct bad habits, reasonably supplement nutrition for the body, pay more attention to rest, and ensure enough sleep. The heavier the body weight, the greater the liver burden, and the more likely to suffer from fatty liver. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably arrange diet and participate in physical exercise to maintain normal weight. At ordinary times, pay attention to food hygiene, do not drink raw water, not to eat raw seafood, because shellfish, clams and oysters may be infected with hepatitis A virus. < / P > < p > all the drugs entering the body are detoxified by the liver. When suffering from diseases, you should strictly follow the doctor’s instructions. You can’t buy drugs by yourself, and you can’t listen to folk and secret prescriptions. Especially, taking a variety of drugs together is easy to produce interaction and increase the damage to the liver. < / P > < p > if we want to protect the liver, we need to start from two aspects, one is to reduce the liver burden, the other is to provide adequate nutrition for the liver. Keep a light diet, mainly light and easy to digest, eat less high protein, spicy and greasy food, especially during acute liver inflammation. In addition, to keep the gastrointestinal tract unobstructed, eat more vegetables and fruits containing dietary fiber to facilitate defecation. Reasonable selenium supplement can regulate the immune system, protect chemical liver injury, and regularly go to the hospital for liver function examination. Keep your mood calm, don’t be too nervous and anxious, and cultivate a broad mind. In addition, the liver likes green food, such as broccoli or spinach, which is conducive to liver qi circulation and metabolism, and can eliminate fatigue. Focus