There are too many differences before and after a woman gives birth to a baby. She is called a “disfigurement scene”. Who can understand the bitterness of being a mother?

Women’s pregnancy and childbirth, in a sense, is the continuation of life. But correspondingly, while gaining the joy of new life, it will also bring earth shaking changes to women’s future life. < p > < p > Yanyan gave birth to her first baby in April this year. Almost four months later, looking at the baby growing up and sprouting day by day, she felt the magic of life, but also felt helpless for the change after she became a mother. < / P > < p > on that day, she accidentally saw a photo of herself a year ago stored in her mobile phone album. She saw that her figure was so thin, her skin was so tight, her smile was brilliant and her face was exquisite. < / P > < p > take a look at yourself now. You can wear large sportswear all day long, tie your hair casually, worship meat on your arms, swim circles on your stomach, and stretch marks on your thighs It’s hard to avoid feeling a little sad. < p > < p > in her heart, Yan Yan is extremely miserable. Who can understand the bitterness of being a mother? Who would want to have such a change if it wasn’t for raising children? After some of these diets are absorbed by the fetus, the other part will be stored as fat in the pregnant mother’s body, especially in the abdomen, buttocks, legs and arms. Therefore, a slim pregnant mother before pregnancy will gradually become obese after pregnancy, and if no measures are taken to lose weight after childbirth, she will always keep a round and out of shape figure. < / P > < p > especially after the birth, the focus of daily life is on taking care of children. I am very tired. I have no time for skin care and no mental strength to want skin care. < p > < p > after a woman becomes a mother, her sleep will have serious changes. Before I became a mother, I would sleep as much as I wanted, and I could sleep as much as I wanted. But after becoming a mother, all the work and rest of life should follow the children. < / P > < p > if the children don’t sleep, the mothers will not sleep, especially for the newborn babies who have just given birth, and the physical discomfort after the birth, even if the mothers sleep, they will not be very comfortable. < / P > < p > after becoming a mother, in the face of the problem of how to raise children in the future, it is natural for them to feel heavier responsibility and pressure. Therefore, they are likely to lose their temper and yell at the family members around them because of small things. < / P > < p > after pregnancy, women will become sentimental under the influence of changes in hormone levels inside the body; after childbirth, with the secondary changes of hormone levels in the body, plus the need to adapt to the change of mother’s role, women’s psychology will change significantly. However, in our daily life, we have to admit that some women still maintain the girlhood before they become mothers. Why? < / P > < p > pregnancy and childbirth itself will consume women’s body vitality, and scientific and reasonable exercise after childbirth can not only help to restore body shape, reduce fat content, but also improve the basic quality of the body, and people will become more energetic and energetic. 2) Serious skin care < / P > < p > People’s skin will appear wrinkles, relaxation, long spots and other problems with the increase of age, and pregnancy and childbirth will accelerate the above-mentioned skin problems. The purpose of skin care is to replenish the skin and nourish the essence, so as to delay the emergence of these problems. < / P > < p > some women keep in mind the importance of skin care after becoming a mother, and still keep the skin care habits before becoming a mother every day, so their skin will not become too rough and loose. < / P > < p > when a woman becomes a mother, she will have an impulse to take care of her baby wholeheartedly. In addition, affected by emotional factors, when she sees her baby, she would like to be by her side and take care of her every day. However, taking care of children is not an easy thing to do. It consumes time and energy, which will speed up the aging process of women when they become mothers. < / P > < p > proper rationality and participation of fathers in the process of taking care of their children can give mothers more time to take care of themselves, and they will not be so tired. < / P > < p > if you want to have a good body after childbirth, it is necessary to control the diet. But this kind of diet control should not be at the cost of damaging the baby’s breastfeeding. Mothers need to be careful. < / P > < p > in short, a monk’s suit is a baby’s one-piece suit, with a lace up design on the upper body and a button design on the lower part. This design not only protects the abdomen, but also does not constrain the legs, and it is very convenient to change diapers. < / P > < p > and wrapping the baby in this kind of baby swaddle can enhance their sense of security, reduce the number of times they are awakened, and the baby can sleep better and more soundly. ③ Diaphragms < / P > < p > because of the small volume of stomach and bladder, the newborn will not control the excretion system. In addition, the metabolism is fast, so the frequency of urination will be higher. And the use of diaphragms, can reduce the baby’s careless urine to the bed, the mother’s cleaning pressure. < / P > < p > the use of breast-feeding pillow can make the mother do not have to be so tired when feeding the baby. Your hands are more flexible and you don’t have to put too much pressure on your arms and waist. It is a great thing for women to give birth. Even if their body is out of shape, their skin is not good and their psychology is fragile, they should not be the object of ridicule, blame and abuse. Focus