There are two kinds of changes on the face, uric acid is dangerous! It’s all about regulating uric acid and improving metabolism

Since last year, 24-year-old lily has been suffering from acne on her face. Not only that, every time she wakes up, her cheeks and eyelids will be swollen to varying degrees. Lily always thinks that her work is too busy and she doesn’t have a good rest. But even on holidays, Lily wakes up and still has this kind of situation, which not only affects her makeup time to work, but also affects the whole person’s mentality No small changes have taken place. In the dog days, people have to wear masks to go out for fear that others will see their ugly behavior. < / P > < p > last week, when Lily went to bed in the middle of the night, she was woken up by urine. When she got up to go to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, she was almost scared to death. The little girl with a weight of more than 80 kg, swollen like a fat girl with a weight of 150 kg, was scared to tears. Before she had time to take care of her hair, she immediately ran to the hospital for treatment. At 3:00 in the middle of the night, the hospital suddenly rushed in a girl with messy hair“ “Fat girl”, the doctor was also startled. After further inquiry and blood test, the doctor told Lily that her uric acid value had risen seriously. < / P > < p > there is the word “color diagnosis” in ancient Chinese medicine culture, which is different from today. In ancient times, a person’s face is not only to judge the beauty and ugliness, but also to judge whether a person’s body is healthy, and this method also works in modern times. For people, the increase in acne on the face, wake up swelling does not necessarily mean indigestion, lack of rest, and the body’s uric acid also has a lot of correlation. < / P > < p > the concentration of uric acid in human blood increases, and the precipitated uric acid crystals will deposit in the metabolic organs with the blood supply, so the metabolism will be affected. Uric acid metabolism disorder and endocrine imbalance will lead to frequent beans explosion on the face. If there are acne on the face except for heat and lack of sleep, we should be alert in time and check the uric acid value in the body. < / P > < p > uric acid is deposited in metabolic organs, and the metabolism of uric acid is weakened, which also means that the number of urination of the human body is reduced, and the excess water and toxins that the human body needs to discharge every day are deposited in the body. During sleep and rest, the excess water will be deposited in the limbs and face, which will cause edema of the limbs and face when waking up. < / P > < p > children say balsam pear is bitter, but the old say it is cool. In fact, balsam pear itself has the function of clearing heat and replenishing water, which can improve the body’s heat and replenish water. Eating balsam pear often can help improve the blood uric acid concentration, and it contains vitamin C, which can inhibit the formation of uric acid. It’s better to eat more cold balsam pear in life to avoid stir frying The loss of nutrients and water. < / P > < p > carrot itself contains low purine substance, and is rich in nutrition. The study found that the vitamin B contained in carrot helps to reduce the uric acid value in the body. Eating more carrots is good for uric acid and blood vessels. < / P > < p > milk is nutritious and easy to digest. People with high uric acid should control a large amount of meat intake. In order to avoid nutritional deficiency, they can drink more nutrition to supplement the body. Moreover, milk contains more calcium, which can strengthen the bones and avoid the damage of gout to the joints. Low fat and low sugar milk is the best choice for drinking milk, if they suffer from lactose intolerance The type of milk should be carefully selected for the patients with acute respiratory syndrome. < / P > < p > drinking plenty of water is the simplest way to regulate uric acid. An adult can rely on his own metabolic system to help reduce uric acid. However, if the urinary system in the body has been affected by high uric acid, the excretion of urine is small, or the speed of dealing with excess water in the body is slow, drinking plenty of water will add weight to the human bladder On the contrary, there will be serious edema. < / P > < p > you can see that in ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine used the way of frying tea with ingredients such as corn whisker, Gardenia jasminoides Ellis, chicory, Pueraria, green fruit and mulberry leaf to treat “emperor’s disease”. It can promote diuresis, detumescence and pain relief, clear away heat and replenish water, help regulate the balance of uric acid in the body, promote frequent urination and reduce the content of uric acid Fu, a teacher of traditional Chinese medicine, also recommends this kind of method. The principle of medicine food homology is as follows: < / P > < p > Pueraria: Pueraria can produce fluid to quench thirst, strengthen the spleen and stomach, improve the stomach environment, enhance the absorption of acid reducing molecules, and help reduce uric acid; < / P > < p > exercise can accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, often do some aerobic exercise, can better help the metabolic system to deal with the uric acid in the body, but exercise lies in persistence, and to find a good balance, one day exercise two days rest exercise mode is completely useless, a violent exercise will also make the body’s water quickly evaporate, but will make the blood uric acid The concentration increased. Focus