There is no need for natural birth, can cesarean section completely replace it? Blind worship of caesarean section

According to the data, in 2008, the birth rate of caesarean birth in China was 28.8%, and by 2018, the birth rate of cesarean section has risen to 36.7%, which is 30% higher than the Caesarean birth rate recommended by who.

this overuse of technology leads to more and more pregnant mothers to give up natural childbirth voluntarily or involuntarily, so as to achieve the result of replacing natural labor or actual labor.

when the proportion of the head of the newborn fetus is too large to pass through the birth canal smoothly, it often has a serious impact on the delivery process of the pregnant mother.

before the use of cesarean section technology, “it is difficult for big head babies to deliver normally” will form a natural selection effect, and more baby’s head circumference ratio will be more suitable for passing through the birth canal.

with the abuse of caesarean section technology, the influence of nature on the birth of big head babies will be reduced. More and more big head babies are born successfully and pass on this big head gene to the next generation. Finally, the fetal conditions suitable for natural childbirth will disappear.

scientists have investigated birth data over the past 50 years and found that global fetal head pelvis mismatch has increased from 3% in 1960 to 3.3% now.

the reason why many pregnant mothers choose caesarean section is that most pregnant women are based on the idea of reducing pain, except for the special circumstances in the third trimester. However, caesarean section is not just a knife in the stomach, blind choice will be the second crop of crime.

in addition to irreversible damage to the pregnant mother’s uterus, intestinal adhesion often occurs after delivery. At the same time, in the process of cesarean section, the pregnant mother needs to bear many risks such as anesthesia, postoperative infection, etc., and the long-term postpartum recovery process is also the stage of second crop crime.

incision pregnancy occurs in the next pregnancy of the pregnant mother. It is a kind of ectopic pregnancy and a very dangerous form of pregnancy. The emergence of this situation will affect the second pregnancy of pregnant mother, and the operation process will be particularly painful.

this is because the content of immunoglobulin in umbilical cord blood of babies born naturally is higher than that of babies born by caesarean section. Immunity is naturally stronger than caesarean section baby.

the mode of delivery of a pregnant mother may affect the child’s behavior. The most common situation is that the baby has a bad habit of eating hands or biting pen when he is 2-3 years old.

according to an investigation agency in Nanjing, 12 of 17 children were born by caesarean section in the survey of ADHD. The children’s inattention and facial muscle twitch are very obvious.

for those overweight fetuses, it is easy to have breech position in the process of entering the basin. In the process of delivery, it is easy to cause umbilical cord prolapse and fetal arm lifting. The risk of fetal asphyxia is high. Cesarean section can solve this problem well and protect the safety of fetus and puerpera.

when doctors find fetal distress after examination of pregnant mothers, cesarean section can reduce the risk of fetal asphyxia due to hypoxia.

just as the title of the article indicates, natural delivery and cesarean section are actually only a form of delivery, and the choice should be made under the advice of doctors. Blindly believe that cesarean section will not only lead to the abuse of cesarean section technology, but also harm the pregnant mother herself.