These baby wet paper towels have become “poisonous” paper towels. Baoma wants to clean her eyes and recognize these three points

Society is progressing and people’s lifestyle is changing. In the past, people’s common way of cleaning was to wash with water and wipe with towel. Now some people think that towel placed for a long time will breed bacteria, repeated use will cause secondary pollution, not good for the skin, therefore, more and more people choose disposable paper towel. < / P > < p > babies are lively and active. If they are not careful, they will become dirty dolls. Many people choose to wipe them with wipes. However, the quality of many wipes on the market is not up to the standard, which contains harmful substances. Long term use of them will harm the health of babies. Xiaoyan is a very clean person. In order to clean the 1-year-old baby at any time, his home is full of wipes. I don’t forget to take my baby when I go out. That day, Xiao Yan came home from work, saw that there was food residue in the corner of the baby’s mouth, so he took out several paper towels to wipe it repeatedly, and only after confirming that it was clean, he was lulled to sleep. < / P > < p > unexpectedly, when the baby wakes up, a lot of rashes appear around the mouth. Xiaoyan quickly took the baby to the hospital. After diagnosis, the doctor said that it was caused by allergy. The reason was that the quality of tissue was not up to standard, which irritated the skin and led to allergic rash. Similar to Xiaoyan baby’s situation, doctors have diagnosed several cases, mostly caused by wiping “toxic” wipes. In fact, there are many disposable wipes that are not qualified in the market. Not long ago, researchers in a certain place in China evaluated the common wipes on the market, and the results were astonishing. < p > < p > the survey selected nearly 20 products as samples, of which less than 10 were qualified, and the others were not up to the standard. There are a few wipes containing a large amount of formaldehyde, and the pH value is not up to standard, and human skin does not match, the long-term consequences of use are unimaginable. < / P > < p > there are so many wipes on the market that many baby wipes have turned into “poisonous” paper towels. Mothers should wipe their eyes and choose safe products to recognize these points. < / P > < p > baby’s skin is delicate and products must be safe. Choose wet wipes to see if they contain alcohol, fluorescent agents, flavors, preservatives, etc. These ingredients will not only stimulate the skin, but also pose a threat to the health of the baby, harm to the body, mothers must carefully check. If possible, you can use the tester to test the wipes purchased by yourself. < / P > < p > in order to maintain moisture, the original liquid will be added to the wipes. The proportion of inferior liquid medicine accounts for a large proportion, which has a greater irritation to the skin. Baoma can also distinguish the good from the bad from the manufacturing process. The high quality wipes have smooth texture and good elasticity, so pilling will not occur after use. < / P > < p > the thickness of the wipes is also one of the criteria to judge whether it is good or not. Good wipes have moderate thickness, good comfort after use, and strong flexibility, and will not be damaged by pulling hard. Baoma can compare different brands of wipes at home and distinguish the quality from color, taste, material and other aspects. < / P > < p > the baby is a weak protection group, and the safety of supplies can not be ignored. When mothers buy baby products, they must go to regular stores to select products for infants and young children. Usually you can pay more attention to this information and knowledge, learn how to distinguish good from bad, choose safe and comfortable things for your baby, and provide a good guarantee for your baby’s healthy growth. Focus