These breakfast will “drag” the child’s spleen and stomach, especially the first, parents should not “abuse” the baby

Breakfast is the beginning of a day’s stomach work, if you eat well, then the work of the stomach can be carried out normally. Especially for the developing children, breakfast at the beginning of the day is more important. However, due to their busy work, many parents often have no time to make breakfast for their children in the morning. They often take their children to eat at roadside stalls, which is convenient and convenient. But the child eats such breakfast for a long time, but how much harm to the spleen and stomach. Ms. Chen, who lives in Hunan Province, has a 6-year-old son in primary school. She needs to be picked up by Ms. He every day when she leaves school. But Ms. Chen works far away from her home, so she has little time to make breakfast for her children in the morning. In addition, there are not only vegetables and meat in the meat pie, but also pastry as the staple food. Ms. Chen thinks that this meat and vegetable combination is very nutritious, and her son also likes to eat it. So I bought one for my son every day for breakfast. < / P > < p > until one day, her son’s head teacher called Ms. Chen, saying that the child had vomiting and dyspnea during class, and was being sent to the hospital urgently. < / P > < p > when Ms. Chen arrived, the child was still under rescue, saying that the situation was relatively critical. Not only had the spleen and stomach been seriously damaged, but also the phenomenon of exhaustion had appeared. Fortunately, it was delivered in time so that the child could recover his life. After the operation, after understanding the children’s usual diet, the doctor said that Ms. Chen’s son ate more meat cake breakfast from roadside stalls, which led to the children’s nitrite poisoning! What Ms. Chen didn’t expect was that the “nutritious breakfast” she bought for her children every day turned out to be the “poisonous breakfast” that caused the damage of the child’s spleen and stomach, or even exhaustion. She burst into tears with regret. < / P > < p > in addition, the doctor also warned: in fact, it is not only this kind of breakfast that Ms. Chen’s son eats, it will “pull down” the child’s spleen and stomach. Although the following two kinds of breakfast are not as harmful to the spleen and stomach as the first, they will also hurt the child’s spleen and stomach. But many parents do not know, but also every day as a “nutritional breakfast” in the children to eat! < / P > < p > accumulation of food and spleen deficiency is the source of children’s illness. It is very important to master the transportation and absorption of nutrients in the body to master the transportation and transportation of spleen and stomach. If the spleen and stomach are not good and digestion is not good, it will affect the child’s health for a long time. < / P > < p > method: after drying, press 3:1: 1 The proportion of grinding into powder, daily cup for children to drink, can improve the child’s constipation, bad breath, poor appetite caused by accumulated food, even if there is no accumulated food can also give children conditioning spleen and stomach, improve spleen deficiency. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this