These features on the girl’s face show that you are very suitable for Lolita. I only got one

With the popularity and development of Lolita clothing culture, more and more young people have begun to contact and like Lolita Dress. But even so, there are still a lot of girls who only dare to like quietly, even if they buy a lot of beautiful small skirts, they also dare not easily wear out.

the reason why they do this is not because they are worried that their clothes will not be accepted by the public, but because they are afraid that they can not control such a beautiful Lolita.

in fact, as long as a girl’s face has the following characteristics, it shows that you are very suitable to wear Lolita. I only got one. Let’s have a look at how many I’ve won!

the first feature we want to talk about is that the eye spacing is moderate. Many girls may think that the smaller the distance between the eyes, the bigger the eyes. But in fact, this statement is not entirely correct.

what’s more, a really good-looking eye should have a moderate eye spacing. Especially in Lolita circle, girls with moderate eye spacing can easily control all kinds of make-up. Whether it’s cute and sweet or classic dark, it’s no surprise.

when choosing Lolita, girls with moderate eye spacing can freely comply with their own preferences and buy whatever style they like. Because such eye spacing basically does not pick eye makeup, but salt can be sweet.

for girls with wide eye distance, they should try to choose Lolita style with high sense, such as Nordic classical style, classic oil painting style and simple retro style. For girls with smaller eye distance, sweet wind and light Lo wind are the main.

as we all know, the bridge of the nose is in the center of the facial features, which can largely determine the degree of refinement of our face and personal temperament.

girls with high noses tend to have a noble princess temperament when they wear Lolita dresses, which makes people bright and unforgettable. Such a girl wearing Lolita not only does not have a sense of disobedience, but will be very bonus points, as if the skirt is for their own.

if your nose is not high enough, don’t worry too much. You can create the visual effect of high nose bridge for yourself by the way of “shadow + highlight”.

we can first highlight the bridge of the nose, add a little weight at the tip of the nose, and then put a proper amount of shadow on both sides of the nose. In this way, we can “raise” the bridge of the nose. We can try it.

the last feature we want to talk about is that the skin is white and transparent. As we all know, white skin girls in the selection of clothing, generally have a lot of choice.

because they don’t need to choose white color, they will be relatively free in the choice of color and style. However, not all girls are born with “cold skin”. To make our skin whiter, we still need to master certain methods.

if you want to effectively whiten and whiten your skin, you are advised to try the skin care method of “deep cleaning + moderate whitening”.

in addition to the daily need for toner and lotion, you can also prepare a bottle of ingredients safe whitening essence, and insist on proper use every day, which can also play a whitening effect.

However, no matter whether we are engaged in daily skin care work or follow-up whitening and replenishing water work, we can not treat the “deep cleaning” step carelessly.

because only the face is thoroughly and thoroughly cleaned, our whitening essence and skin care essence can be effectively absorbed. And want to achieve deep cleaning, and do not damage the skin barrier effect, we need to strictly choose facial cleanser.

here, mianmianmian also recommends a special “immortal” facial cleanser, which is the amino acid Cherry Blossom facial cleanser. This facial cleanser is not only very mild ingredients, but also uses a triple amino acid ratio, with a strong facial cleansing effect.

this kind of cleansing foam is very dense. The upper face feels comfortable and refreshing. Once you use it, you will feel that you have found a treasure.

if you don’t know what kind of cleanser to choose, then the cherry blossom facial cleanser in the makeup hall must be your best choice. Because it does not choose skin type, all skin types can be assured to use, including sensitive muscle. From this point of view, it is undoubtedly a safe and easy choice.

OK, that’s all for this issue. If a girl’s face has these features mentioned above, it means that you are very suitable to wear Lolita. I have only won one, how many have you won? Welcome to share with mianmianmian in the comments area. See you next time! 08/16/2020