These food will “steal calcium”, want to let children “superior”, pregnant women and children can not eat more

Calcium is the most important substance in human skeleton and muscle tissue. In order to let the next generation have a good physique and height, many parents can be said to be prepared for calcium supplement – from the baby’s period has begun to supplement calcium. < p > < p > the height of both Mrs. Zhang’s husband and wife is in the medium level, so it is impossible to make the next generation “tall”. However, the calcium supplement in the factor of height growth is related to calcium. They decided to “start first” and take active calcium supplements during pregnancy preparation and pregnancy. As a result, during the preparation period and more than one year of pregnancy, Ms. Zhang is taking calcium supplements, and foods with high calcium content, such as sea fish, beans, dairy products, etc., often appear on the dining table. < p > < p > after the baby was born, the burden of calcium supplement was transferred to the child, and Ms. Zhang and his wife were responsible for the supervision. However, when the children went to primary school, there was no sign that the children were superior. The couple took their children to the hospital for bone calcium test, and the results showed that the calcium just reached the critical value. < / P > < p > after doctors asked them about their diet history, they found the culprit spinach, a kind of vegetables that the whole family loves to eat, is rich in oxalic acid, and can combine with calcium to form precipitates and excrete from the body. The calcium element in food and calcium preparation exists in the form of calcium ion before the formation of human bone tissue. As a divalent ion, it can combine with oxalate, phytic acid and saturated fatty acid to produce insoluble sediment, or be forced out of the body, which can make the human body unable to absorb calcium. < / P > < p > food rich in oxalate: oxalate is common in vegetables, but it can be divided into high and low content. For pregnant women or children who need supplementary nutrition, vegetables are indispensable. As long as you don’t eat only vegetables with high oxalate content, such as spinach, cabbage, amaranth, leek, celery and so on, the effect on calcium absorption is not too big. Oxalate also has a high content in some beverages, such as beer, most kinds of tea and chocolate drinks. However, these drinks are forbidden for pregnant women and children, so don’t worry too much. < / P > < p > under normal conditions, the ratio of phosphorus to calcium in human body is 1:2. If this ratio is broken, substances with high content will “drive” low content substances out of the body. For example, if phosphorus content is 10 times higher than calcium, calcium will be “driven away”. Therefore, pregnant women and children should not eat too much phosphorus rich foods such as carbonated drinks, coffee, cola, animal liver, eggs, seafood, etc. High salt food will increase the burden on the kidney, that is to say, the more salt intake, the more calcium will be excreted with urine, and it will also affect the absorption of calcium. Therefore, pregnant women and children need to maintain a light diet in their daily life. < / P > < p > in fact, in daily life, no matter what kind of food is consumed excessively, it is harmful to health. Therefore, balanced nutrition and diversified diet are advocated. Pregnant women and children at the same time, certainly do not want calcium because of food is “taken away”, make more than the loss, so, the above food, can never greedy Oh! 08/16/2020