These four behaviors of excrement removing officials are not loving cats, but “Harming cats”

In the process of raising cats, many excrement shoveling officers have gone through detours. These detours are from a novice Xiaobai, who does not know the knowledge of raising cats at all. After making mistakes and training again and again, in the long time of raising cats, they finally become a senior shoveling official.

but, ah, there are also some excrement removing officers. Even if they have been raising cats for a long time, they still haven’t learned a correct way to raise cats, and they still insist on their own wrong ways of raising cats.

in such a hot weather, many excrement removal officers will choose to bathe their dogs once every 3-5 days, especially those who take their dogs out every day.

but cats are generally not suitable for walking, so they don’t need to take a bath regularly. Generally speaking, it is enough for cats to take a bath once every three months.

if you bathe your cat frequently, it will cause some harm to the cat. The cat is prone to some skin diseases, and the cat does not like to take a bath. You always force the cat to take a bath, which is easy to make the cat attack you.

because cats are carnivorous animals, if they often eat meat, they will easily have worms in their stomachs; therefore, it is necessary to expel insects in cats.

it’s also necessary to expel insects in vitro. Cats can’t bathe often, so cats will easily have fleas if they don’t do external deworming in summer.

it’s OK to change cat food for your cat, but you must choose the most suitable cat food for your cat. If you often change cat food for your cat, change it once every half a month or once a month, your cat’s intestines and stomach will be damaged.