These fruits have more calories than rice. They may get fatter and fatter. Have you got it

In this era of bone beauty, most girls feel that they are too fat. Weight loss is the slogan that many girls shout all day long. Many people think that if they only eat fruit without eating, they will go a step further. Fruits are rich in nutrients, among which the content of vitamin cellulose is relatively high, which can not only supplement nutrition, but also supplement water. However, some fruits are not the best choice for weight loss, because the calories of these fruits are very high, even more than those of rice. If you eat too much, you will only lose more and more fat. < / P > < p > banana tastes sweet, and many people like to eat it. If the gastrointestinal function is not very good, eating more bananas can moisten the intestines and relieve constipation. However, the calories of bananas are also very high, and the sugar content is also very high. If you eat more bananas every day without eating, you may not achieve the purpose of weight loss, but you will gain weight. Durian is known as the king of fruit. Although the taste of durian is very smelly, it tastes delicious. Many people can’t stop eating durian. However, for women in the period of weight loss, they should keep their mouth under control and not eat too much durian, because the calories of durian are very high. If you often eat durian, you may not lose weight, but gain weight And eat too much easy to get angry. Red dates are rich in vitamins and iron. Eating more red dates can supplement the body’s iron, promote blood circulation, and beautify and beautify the face. However, for women in the weight-loss period, they should not eat too much sweet jujube, because the sugar content of jujube is relatively high and the heat is also relatively large. If you eat too many dates, it is not conducive to weight loss. < / P > < p > although it is said that eating less staple food and more fruits is beneficial to weight loss, if you eat too much fruit, you will also have calories, especially if you eat too much fruit. When you eat too much, these sugars will also be converted into fat, which will be accumulated in the body and cause obesity. In addition, excessive consumption of fruits is likely to cause diabetes risk. When we lose weight, we can choose to eat less staple food and eat more fresh vegetables. Fruits can choose varieties with low sugar content, such as apples, pears, strawberries, cherries, etc. if not, we can also use tomatoes and cucumbers as fruits instead, which can not only reduce weight but also meet the nutritional needs. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here