These phenomena show that the body moisture is too heavy, cold is too high, if you also have, must seek medical advice in time

We can’t help but blow air conditioner, fan and drink cold drink to prevent heatstroke. Eating cold food and staying in a cold and cloudy environment can bring us great comfort. But after the comfort on our body caused a lot of bad effects, many people will show heavy and heavy, no God, and the face is not good, the whole person is listless. If you have not done anything special, but the symptoms appear, be sure to pay more attention.

the root cause of this problem is due to excessive intake of cold food or long time in an air-conditioned room. Because the temperature is very hot in summer, our body’s pores open. If the temperature difference between inside and outside is relatively large, we can regulate our body temperature by sweating and take away the excess heat in our body. At this time, we directly blow the air conditioner or fan, and it is very easy for the cold air to enter our body. And air conditioning and fans will also inhibit our body temperature, so that our body’s sweat can not be discharged, so that the body’s cold has been accumulated on the body.

after the accumulation of excessive moisture in our body, it will be shown from our head first. If the humidity is heavy, the head will feel very heavy. And often after sleeping, I feel like I haven’t had enough rest, which is very uncomfortable.

knee joint pain is also a manifestation of people with heavy moisture. When the accumulation of moisture in our body is too high, there will be accumulation of moisture in our joints, so that our knees feel abnormal pain and even can’t move even in serious cases, which has a great impact on our health.

when the moisture in our body is serious, our tongue coating will also react. The tongue coating will be very thick and heavy, indicating that our body has developed diseases. Especially the body moisture content is too high, tongue coating will be abnormal thick, so if this situation occurs, we must pay attention to it in time.

you have moisture in your body. We can eat more food to reduce dampness, such as lotus leaf, Poria cocos, hemp seed, cassia seed, etc. These foods contain various trace elements and rich nutrients that we lack. After extracting the nutrients and fermenting with probiotics, the fermented liquid of huoma lotus leaf is obtained, which is of great benefit to those with excessive moisture and poor spleen. It can effectively help us to strengthen the spleen and stomach, remove dampness and restore the essence, Qi and spirit.

proper exercise can help us sweat more, and sweating can open our pores and take away the moisture in our body. Therefore, we should make a plan for ourselves. Exercise regularly and your health will soon return to you.

often staying in the air-conditioned room will make the temperature in our body unable to rise, resulting in the moisture in the body can not be discharged as soon as possible, resulting in accumulation, causing damage to our body.

in the hot summer, we must drink less cold drinks and more hot water, because drinking too much cold drinks will make our body too cold, leading to moisture accumulation, which will affect our body.

drinking more tea, especially hot tea, can also help us eliminate moisture in our body. Li Shizhen clearly mentioned that the red beans, malt, job’s tears and other plants into boiling water for two to three minutes can easily make a cup of weight loss tea. And this is also the traditional Chinese medicine diet prescription, the principle of medicine and food homology is as follows:

red beans: red beans can help us to strengthen the spleen and kidney, diuresis and detumescence, and red beans contain rich protein and vitamins, which can effectively help us promote blood circulation and replenish blood.

malt: Malt can help us to eat and invigorate the stomach, and can help us reduce the phenomenon of accumulation of food and abdominal distension. For people with heavy moisture, you can also use more.

job’s tears: Job’s tears can help us diuresis and detumescence, invigorate spleen and stop diarrhea, and can also help us whiten our skin. Coix is rich in vitamins and arsenic and other trace elements, but also can help us to treat stomach diseases.

conclusion: at ordinary times, we must do a good job in controlling our own health. Now in the hot dog days, the accumulation of moisture in the body is a very serious disease. Therefore, we must reduce the accumulation of moisture in the body, more exercise, more exercise. According to the above method, I believe it will not be long before your body will return to health.