These six kinds of fish, or formaldehyde and heavy metal “nest”, quickly remove the table, do not be greedy

Fish is often eaten in life, the nutrition is very high, and children eat more fish can absorb the nutrients, which is helpful for growth and development. < p > < p > fish can be steamed, braised, made into soup or fried Although the nutritional value of fish is very high, not all fish can eat it. < p > < p > especially the following kinds of fish contain a lot of parasites and formaldehyde and other harmful substances, which will seriously affect your health if you eat them into your body. Please stop your mouth and don’t act willfully. Many people do not dare to eat Monopterus albus. In fact, Monopterus albus is also a kind of fish with high nutritional value. Moreover, it has no bones and is very convenient to eat. The treatment process of Monopterus albus is very troublesome, because the living environment of eel is relatively dirty, generally in the sludge, it is easier to contain a lot of parasites and harmful substances. < / P > < p > if the eel is not cleaned up, harmful bacteria may invade the body and cause serious damage to the body. Therefore, this kind of food eel is also known as the parasite’s nest, advise you not to be greedy. < / P > < p > in the vegetable market, we generally can’t see larger fish, but if we do, many people will want to buy it, because such fish feel more delicious. In fact, big fish is not conducive to human health. < / P > < p > in recent years, marine pollution has become more and more serious, and there are more and more garbage and toxins in the sea. < / P > < p > in general, the larger the volume is, the longer the survival time will be. At this time, there will be more and more harmful substances such as heavy metals and formaldehyde in the body. After eating, people will be very harmful to their health. I advise you to stop talking. < p > < p > fish meat is popular among many people, but grilled fish is not conducive to health. The protein and fatty acids contained in it will deteriorate in the process of barbecue and produce a lot of harmful substances. < / P > < p > people who like to eat grilled fish must pay attention to it. After smoking, such fish contains more carcinogens, which will damage health after eating. I advise you to shut up. < / P > < p > the relative price of dead fish is relatively cheap, and there is no big difference between them after cooking and live fish. However, the bacteria and heavy metals in dead fish are very high, which is harmful to people’s health after eating. < / P > < p > the price of dead fish is relatively attractive, so many people will still buy it, but there are parasites in it that exceed the standard. I hope you still don’t want to be cheap, even if it’s free. < / P > < p > when buying fish, many people will buy some polluted fish by accident. This kind of fish contains a lot of parasites, formaldehyde and heavy metals, which is called the nest of heavy metals. < / P > < p > if you often eat this kind of fish, it will also damage your health, and even cause cellular diseases. For the contaminated fish, I hope you can quickly remove the table and do not act willfully. < p > < p > preserved fish is salted with salt and dried in the sun. Although this kind of fish is very delicious, the salted fish contains more salt and sodium. If you eat too much, it will stimulate the formation of blood vessels, which is not conducive to health. < / P > < p > therefore, even if you like to eat dried salted fish, you should touch it less to prevent body problems. In addition, after eating salted fish again, you must replenish more water for your body to prevent dehydration. < p > < p > fish meat is very common around us, but not all fish are healthy. I hope you can choose the right one to help improve your physical fitness and prevent diseases. In addition, you should also choose the meat food suitable for you according to your own constitution. You should not blindly follow suit. Focus