These three biceps exercises and training techniques will help you build up your arms quickly

When it comes to the muscle that can represent strength, I believe everyone will think of one muscle, that is, biceps brachii. Although it is only a small muscle on the arm, bending the arm has already become a way for people to show their strength. Therefore, the most common training action of most people in the gym, besides the bench press, is to practice the bending lift, because Pectoralis and biceps brachii have been the focus of attention. < / P > < p > although the training method of biceps brachii is very simple, nothing more than bending and then bending, many people still can’t make this muscle strong. The reason may be that the training action and method are not correct, and many details of movements can’t be well completed, but these details determine whether your muscles will become strong. However, it is not difficult to create a perfect biceps. In fact, as long as you master the basic essentials of bending and lifting, I will talk about the specific key points of biceps exercise today. < / P > < p > in fact, the focus of biceps training is peak contraction and eccentric contraction. No matter what kind of bending and lifting action, peak contraction and eccentric contraction are very important. Many people ignore centrifugal contraction, which is why your biceps can’t become strong. Centrifugal contraction is very destructive to muscles, because centrifugal contraction is when muscles are pulled Let the muscle further force, many people in the second day of training muscle become sore, there is a big reason is caused by centrifugal contraction, and the role of peak contraction is to make our muscles further squeezed, so in the process of training, we must firmly grasp these two points, keep the top of the muscle tight, and slow down the whole process of movement. < / P > < p > the muscle contraction of the narrow grip pastor bench is very special, and it can stimulate the long head of biceps brachii through the narrow grip, and the long hair can make your arm look bigger. < / P > < p > in addition, the trajectory of the vicar bench curl allows us to train more to the lower end of the biceps, which is the biceps at the elbow, which also makes the biceps more obvious when we wear short sleeves. < / P > < p > when using dumbbells to do the clergyman bench curl, you can add some other exercises to increase the training effect. For example, you can focus on turning the wrist, which will make your biceps get better peak contraction. With this small change, you can feel more muscle details, such as more lateral biceps contractions. < / P > < p > this is a very classic biceps training movement, here use the sitting position, so don’t weigh too much. During the training process, you must stretch your muscles as much as possible, because the more your muscles stretch, the more serious the muscles will be torn. < / P > < p > in addition, in biceps training, you can’t use the same set of exercises and the same training plan for a long time, which will make your muscle dimension stagnate. You need to make a lot of changes from time to time to stimulate the muscles, such as changing a little angle, changing a new action or changing weight, trying a variety of movements and finding a perfect angle, so that you can get it To get the best training effect < / P > < p > and many people’s biceps training is not enough because of congenital genes, for example, some people’s muscle peak is very obvious, while others are not obvious. Although gene is an important factor in determining biceps, we should not give up. Hard training can make up for the congenital deficiency. PARRENT&CHILDREN