These three kinds of family members are not suitable to go into the delivery room to accompany the puerpera to give birth, which not only can not help, but also delay

There is a father to be who is popular on the Internet with his wife to have a baby. Maternal is the first child, so become a little nervous and afraid, so the father to be volunteered to accompany his wife into the delivery room. < / P > < p > but just when the expectant mother gave birth to the baby, the expectant father was a little hold, and began to tremble with naked eyes: “no, daughter-in-law, I’m afraid…” < / P > < p > the expectant mother who was busy giving birth was helpless, and said to her husband, “don’t be afraid, old man, there’s a daughter-in-law!” The mother to be thought that she had come in to cheer herself up, but she was more than herself… < / P > < p > the father to be was very happy and went to see the baby. As a result, he accidentally saw the wound under his daughter-in-law and suddenly fainted! The medical staff on the spot began to rescue him in a hurry… < / P > < p > the father to be was really not helpful at all. Instead, he delayed the medical staff. It was really speechless! Therefore, these three types of family members are not suitable for accompany childbirth. Some family members have poor psychological quality, such as fear, no blood to see, etc. for such family members, it’s really “messy” and useless. On the contrary, it’s a hindrance, so we’d better not accompany childbirth. Oh ~ < / P > < p > when giving birth, the puerpera has already suffered great pressure, and what they need is the comfort of their family members Their families are not calmer than their mothers, which will only add to the worries of mothers and doctors, which will not help but delay them. < / P > < p > in the process of accompanying the baby, no matter what happens to the family members, they should be calm! In this way, we can better give the maternal strength, let the maternal relax, so as to have a baby smoothly ~ < / P > < p > when the family members accompany the delivery, the most important purpose is to ease the maternal tension, and comfort and encourage them. Finally, after entering the delivery room, the family members should not interfere with the work of the medical staff, especially some family members who don’t know how to pretend to know how to give instructions to the puerpera, which will affect the medical staff href= target=_ blank>08/16/2020