These three kinds of food, eat less as far as possible, otherwise blood fat will not be controlled, straight-line rise

Introduction: we must be familiar with the existence of high blood pressure and blood lipid. Generally speaking, hypertension and blood lipid are usually too greasy and protein intake is too much, which leads to the occurrence of high blood lipid diseases. So, how should we prevent blood pressure and blood fat from exceeding the standard? Next, please listen to my story:

most people know that pig’s hooves are beautiful and beautiful, but they don’t know that eating pig’s hooves at one time will kill you. Because of the high content of bile in pig’s hoof, generally speaking, if you eat more than three or four pig’s hooves, their bile intake has exceeded the standard. Therefore, for those elderly people whose gastrointestinal digestive function is not very good, they should not eat more. And for patients with arteriosclerosis should not eat more, it is best not to eat it.

it is well known that the gall content of pig kidney is very high. If it is always consumed for a long time, it will cause certain damage to the body. Serious words will also lead to coronary atherosclerosis, thus increasing the incidence of coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction and a series of complications, patients with liver disease and coronary heart disease should eat less, the best is not to eat.

shrimp is the same as the above two kinds of food, and its bile content is also very high. If you always eat it regularly, it can not only supplement the calcium content needed by the body, but also increase the incidence of coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction and other complications. Therefore, patients with liver disease and coronary heart disease should eat less.

sitting for a long time can easily make people fat. This is because sitting for a long time will cause the fat layer in the blood vessel to become thicker than before. As soon as the fat layer becomes thicker, the content of blood lipid will also increase. As soon as the content of blood fat rises, it will naturally oppress blood pressure. With the growth of age, coupled with their own health does not pay attention to, naturally, hypertension will also follow. Therefore, everyone should reasonably arrange their own rest time and exercise, regardless of age. Only in this way, more rest and more exercise can contribute to their own health.

hypertension is a kind of physical and mental disease. When people’s mood fluctuates greatly, the sympathetic nerve becomes very excited just like taking a stimulant. Therefore, the heart rate will be accelerated, thus increasing the resistance of blood vessels.

when blood lipids are too high, other diseases will come to you one after another. If one of the above three symptoms appears, please note that it is time to have a thorough cleaning. The natural “king of reducing blood fat” has been discovered. When you soak in boiled water, you can drink it vigorously when you are free, and your body will look new.

in the record said: drink more tea, can reduce the body fat, has the effect of weight loss. Therefore, the old Chinese medicine recommended a food therapy prescription: mix six kinds of medicinal materials, such as dandelion, Kuding, honeysuckle, etc., and soak it in boiled water for 5-6 minutes. It has the effect of relieving blood pressure and high blood lipid symptoms.

conclusion: we usually need to spend more time to care about our health, exercise more, eat less spicy food, drink more tea made from dandelion, honeysuckle, Kuding and other materials. As time goes on, Qi and blood will be ruddy and blood pressure will drop. Why not do it?