These three kinds of fruits are known as “king of moisture”. The more you eat, the more moisture will be, and you will get black as soon as possible

Introduction: Chinese medicine also known as dampness evil, refers to cold, moisture, cool and other adverse factors into our body, can not be excreted in time, leading to our human body is seriously affected, and damage. This condition is called dampness in traditional Chinese medicine. < / P > < p > when moisture first enters our bodies, our heads get dizzy and heavy, just like a mop on our heads. And the body will also feel very heavy, limbs no strength, the whole body is not comfortable, as if the body carried a lot of things. Then the body fever, but also afraid of cold, runny nose and other symptoms. < / P > < p > when there is too much moisture in our body, it will first erode from the head to our limbs, and then our limbs will also have some symptoms, which are caused by poor circulation of Qi and blood, joint pain, leg and foot disadvantageous cord, etc. < p > < p > moisture can also harm our internal organs. When our affairs attack our stomach, our stomach will have flatulence, poor appetite, reduced appetite, and no appetite for anything to eat. Mango is a kind of angiosperms, which can treat constipation, halitosis and other symptoms. In addition, mangoes are rich in vitamins, which can also help us protect our eyesight and prevent myopia. However, if we eat too many mangoes, it is easy to increase the moisture in our body, so friends with heavy moisture should eat less mango and not eat mango. There is more water in watermelon, and watermelon belongs to cold. If we eat too much watermelon, it will lead to more moisture and cold in our body. It will affect the digestion and absorption of our intestines and stomach. Therefore, friends with cold body and heavy moisture should not eat watermelon. < p > < p > cucumbers can help us clear the intestines and defecate. The heat of cucumbers is very low. Therefore, they like to be selected as the plant to lose weight by the majority of female friends. But eating too much cucumber will increase the moisture in our body and affect our intestines and stomach. Therefore, the body cold and stomach bad friends also want to eat less cucumber. < / P > < p > in hot summer, we all like to blow air conditioning, only air conditioning can save us. However, the temperature difference between outdoor and indoor is relatively large, so we can choose not to adjust the indoor and outdoor temperature too much at this time. We usually turn on the air conditioner and adjust the temperature to about 26 ° to prevent moisture from entering our body. < / P > < p > friends with heavy moisture, we should also choose light food when choosing food. Avoid spicy and greasy food, because it will put a burden on our intestines and stomach. Because if our intestines and stomachs are not good enough to help us metabolize the excess water in the body, it will also aggravate the retention of water in our body, thus forming moisture. < / P > < p > people with heavy moisture in their bodies should avoid eating raw, cold or cool vegetables and fruits. This will put a burden on our intestines and stomach, and increase the moisture in our body. Therefore, people with heavy moisture should eat a small amount of cold fruits and vegetables. When we cook, we can put some ginger, onion and garlic to reduce the cold nature of vegetables. There is a saying that “one dampness is difficult to remove, and one thousand colds are difficult to remove”. Therefore, people with heavy moisture must stick to it to the end. In addition to clean, it requires us to develop good living and eating habits. We can also drink some interesting things, wet tea has been there. Li Shizhen once recorded in the red beans, job’s tears, Euryale ferox, Poria cocos. Waiting for a few ingredients to cook can effectively help us get rid of moisture in the body, which is also a small folk prescription used privately by many old Chinese medicine practitioners. < / P > < p > for the friends of office workers, if they don’t want to cook, they can choose the tea bag that we have prepared for you, which is convenient and fast. You can also drink it at work. You can drink the tea with only one cup of hot water. < / P > < p > Introduction: if you want to get rid of dampness, you must form good eating habits at ordinary times. Don’t eat those cold food. Cold food will aggravate the moisture in our body. In addition, we should drink more Qushi tea, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort. We must adhere to it, we can see the desired effect, I wish you good health, happy every day! Skip to content