These three symptoms appear before the due date, suggesting that the fetus can be born on time, and the pregnant mother should be prepared

At the end of pregnancy, the most worrying thing for pregnant women is when the fetus will be born. In the early stages of pregnancy, mothers to be should know when their due date is, so the closer it is to the due date, the more nervous their mothers will be. < / P > < p > the swallow is very anxious recently. He has arrived at the third trimester of pregnancy. According to the expected date of delivery given by the doctor, the baby should have been born last week, but there is no movement in the belly. This is very worrying for the swallow. After hearing this, the swallow was even more anxious. She had been trying to give birth naturally during her whole pregnancy. Now the baby has not started. It seems that her plan to have a natural birth will be in vain. < / P > < p > if it is true, the fetus has always been able to “calm down” and has never meant to come out. Moreover, the doctor found that the placenta is also aging, and the fetus can not come out again, and it is easy to suffocate. So immediately decided to have a C-section. < / P > < p > in the third trimester of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will judge their delivery time by the expected date of delivery. But the actual situation is that very few pregnant women will be on time in the expected delivery day, which inevitably makes pregnant mothers unable to hold their own delivery time. < / P > < p > when the fetus enters the pelvis, the pregnant mother will have a clear feeling of smooth breathing and better appetite after the fetus enters the pelvis. But at the same time, the frequency of urination will also aggravate, and the abdomen will have the feeling of falling and swelling. < / P > < p > generally, the fetus will be born 1-2 weeks after entering the basin. Therefore, if the fetus enters the basin about 1-2 weeks before the expected delivery date, the fetus is likely to abide by the contract and be born around the expected delivery period. < / P > < p > at the time of delivery, the uterine cervix tube will be opened, and the secretion will naturally increase, showing a transparent or white sticky shape, which is also a signal of the pregnant mother to give birth. < p > < p > the most obvious feature before delivery is the occurrence of regular contractions, but in fact, the pain of regular contractions does not start from the abdomen, but first feels the back. < p > < p > therefore, if there is obvious pain in the back near the due date of delivery, the pregnant mother should be prepared, and it is likely that the fetus will be born soon. However, according to statistics, only about 5% of pregnant mothers will give birth on the due date. The probability that the baby starts in advance before the expected delivery period is 29%, and the probability of being born after the expected delivery period is 80%. < / P > < p > the general method to calculate the expected date of delivery is from the first day of the last menstruation, month – 3 or + 9, date + 7, so that the specific time of the expected delivery period can be calculated. < / P > < p > and this calculation formula is often based on the premise that the menstrual cycle of pregnant women is relatively regular. If the menstruation of pregnant women is not regular, and even the pregnant women can not remember their own menstrual date, then such a budget method is easy to have errors with the actual expected delivery date. < / P > < p > due to prolonged pregnancy, the fetus is likely to suffer from anoxia due to the aging of placenta, which may lead to the risk of asphyxia. Therefore, doctors will intervene in labor. < / P > < p > the expected date of delivery is only a data to estimate the time of birth of the fetus, so it is not a big problem to give birth before and after the expected date of delivery. The time of delivery mainly depends on the development of the fetus in the mother’s body. CUISINE&HEALTH