Think you’re “ugly” and want plastic surgery? These three methods show a small face, learn a face to rise

I believe that many girls often worry about their looks. Everyone has their own small shortcomings. It’s really a headache for beautiful and delicate fairies. But if you want to look delicate and attractive, do you have to straighten your face? In fact, as a woman’s “second face” hair, is also very important ~ in the end, how to do it to improve the hair’s delicacy? Let’s have a look with benbao ~ < / P > < p > when it comes to the beauty of appearance and atmosphere, it’s really magic! As long as you have a thick fluffy smooth hair, at least half of the beauty, it is a big killer ~ bring beauty filter! < / P > < p > to get a good hair, it’s much easier than changing the facial features and improving the skin! This treasure found a few very simple and effective good method, everybody can have a try! < p > < p > for girls with bangs, it is necessary to wash and roll bangs every day. However, it is inevitable that there will be a situation of being blown by the wind and blowing oil. Therefore, you can buy suitable spray, or use the powder to keep the ~

dry, but there is no bangs. But there are many girls with broken hair. They can try to keep long hair, and then leave them on both sides to make the magic weapon that modifies the face. If the broken bits are too short and deep fried, they can be straightened out with the hair gel that is made up of broken hair. , make the overall image more clean and fresh! Most girls can do this, but there are also some “disaster areas” where the oil head is serious or dry and rough. We need to take care of it carefully. Although girls with greasy hair can’t help washing their hair every day, if the oil head is too serious, and it is not born, it may be that the scalp is damaged. We must keep it well and refrain from washing for two or three days. As time goes by, the hair quality will return to normal. < / P > < p > for rough girls, we should pay attention to nutrition supply and shampoo composition. In daily modeling, we should pay attention to the use of hair gel, especially the hair on the edge of the ear and forehead. The smoother and smoother the hair is, the more beautiful it will be ~ < / P > < p > to say, the hairline that best reflects the hair tidiness is the hair suture, which is neat, clear but very narrow Let hair more regular and organized, the degree of refinement of the whole person will also rise! However, if there is no thick hair, the hair suture will be as wide and obvious as the Mariana Trench, and the snow-white scalp is very dazzling, which is really public punishment. For example, in the early days when gulina Za was under great pressure, her hair loss was more serious, and it was difficult to hold the beauty of a beautiful woman. < / P > < p > sisters with sparse hair should avoid this situation. They often change their hair stitches or tie down their ponytail. If the hairline is still excellent, they can tie ball head ~ < / P > < p > for girls who like to wear their hair, excellent hair suture is more important than hairline ~ so it is still necessary to start with the maintenance of hair and promotion of hair growth! Only in this way can the beauty of 360 degrees go on without dead corners ~ < / P > < p > in order to let everyone quickly raise their hair and let the exquisite fairies continue to be beautiful, benbao today specially recommends a kind of tree planting ginger flexible hair shampoo which can moisturize hair, nourish hair roots, healthy hair and fix hair. < / P > < p > this shampoo is specially formulated for the modern people in the new century. In this society where people stay up late and have a lot of radiation, hair loss has become a common problem for young people. The ground is covered with hair, the hairline is increased, and the hair seams are widened. These problems make people very anxious. < / P > < p > to rejuvenate the hair, it is necessary to repair and nourish the scalp, because the scalp is equivalent to the land. Only when the land is fertile can the hair grow well. Therefore, we should improve the scalp environment, so as to form a better and better closed loop ~ < / P > < p > in the natural substances, ginger is a very useful plant for improving the scalp environment Things. It contains all kinds of substances that can stimulate the scalp, give hair more nutrition, is also very effective for scalp itching, while reducing scalp pressure, it also has strong toughening roots and strong hair. ~

this shampoo contains fresh ginger essence, which can nourish healthy hair. It can make the scalp environment more gentle and clean, nourish the scalp, make the hair stronger, stronger, smoother and heavier, which is very important ~ < / P > < p > in addition to the plant maintenance which can intensively replenish water, This shampoo is also combined with natural ingredients, which can adjust the water and oil balance of the scalp, maintain a stable and healthy scalp environment, and rich moisturizing factors can lock moisture in the hair. Ginger essence SP Hua can supplement hair core and silk protein, making your hair more smooth and elegant ~ < / P > < p > and it is very comfortable to use! Instant noodles are very rich and delicate, dense foam can clean hair well, and will not hurt the hair. The smell of ginger is also light. It is very pleasant to smell. It will not be as pungent as the essence. It is very natural and comfortable. After ~

bubble massage, it can be washed with warm water. The shampoo has good foam and no residue. For girls with hair quality problems, it’s not a matter of a day to care for their hair. If you want to use it for a long time, shampoo based on natural ingredients is a very good choice. Gentle and natural, without stimulating chemical components, it is harmless to the body ~ < / P > < p > as long as you persist in using and nursing, the hair quality will be significantly improved, and the vacant part will start to grow hair, and the overall look is more dense and fluffy. It is absolutely necessary for Goddess ~ < / P > < p > if you want to have strong glossy hair, you can’t do without sufficient nutritional support If the hair damage is too serious for girls with long hair, you can cut it short before you start nursing. The effect will be more obvious and faster! 08/16/2020