Third trimester is always “living like a year”, six kinds of uncomfortable pregnancy reaction, so coping with more comfortable

Each stage of pregnancy has its own different pregnancy reactions, always torture the expectant mothers do not eat fragrant, sleep well. Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, the discomfort is increasing day by day. It is very important for expectant mothers to alleviate these problems every day

. With appropriate mitigation methods, pregnant mothers can spend a relatively comfortable third trimester.

pubic pain is a common discomfort in the third trimester of pregnancy. According to the data, about 32.7% of pregnant mothers have suffered from pubic pain, and 52% of them occurred in the third trimester of pregnancy.

under normal conditions, the pubic bone is connected together, and the distance is only 4-5mm. However, due to the compression of uterus and baby during pregnancy and the relaxation of ligament under the influence of hormone, the pubic space will increase by 2-3mm, causing pubic pain.

the pain of the pubic bone can be said to be painful to the heart. It’s not like standing up or sitting. It’s very uncomfortable. Effective relief methods are very important.

take more rest and pay attention to calcium supplement. The calcium requirement in the third trimester of pregnancy is 1000mg per day. It is suggested that pregnant mothers should take more eggs, milk and meat. When the pubic pain does not attack, can appropriate activity, help the absorption of calcium.

almost every stage of pregnancy is inseparable from gastrointestinal discomfort. In the early pregnancy, 75% of pregnant mothers will suffer from adverse pregnancy reaction. It is not easy to survive until the late pregnancy. The pressure of the uterus on the stomach can also easily lead to loss of appetite and acid reflux.

① eat less and have more meals. Eat 6-7 points for each meal, and 5-6 meals a day. It is necessary not only to supplement calcium, but also to supplement vitamins and high-quality protein. It is suggested to have a balanced diet with meat and vegetables.

if you are pregnant, the upper part of your body will suffer, and the lower part of your body will also suffer. In the third trimester of pregnancy, the legs and feet are under heavy pressure every day, and are prone to swelling and cramps.

there are many reasons for leg cramps, mainly related to calcium deficiency during pregnancy, hormone changes and other factors. Pregnant mothers need to pay attention to proper daily exercise and nutrition supplement to prevent them in advance.

pay attention to calcium supplement. You can massage your legs and move your ankles every night before going to bed. It’s hard for pregnant mothers to reach their calves. You can ask father Bao to help them. It can also promote the relationship between husband and wife and ease the tension of pregnant mothers.

poor sleep in the third trimester of pregnancy is also very uncomfortable. Under the pull of the baby, the pregnant mother’s stomach is uncomfortable. No matter what sleeping position is changed, she feels uncomfortable sleeping.

pregnant mothers can support their stomachs with the help of pregnant women’s pillows and small pillows, so as to relieve the stretching force and make the ligament feel more comfortable. Before going to bed, drink less water, exercise properly, do some walking, yoga and other slow exercise, have certain help to sleep at night.

constipation can be said to be a problem that bothers every pregnant mother. There is a rule called “constipation during pregnancy – constipation – constipation during lactation”. As long as pregnant women are pregnant women, almost all of them are troubled by constipation.

balanced diet, eating more vegetables and fruits, and supplementing dietary fiber can play a palliative role. It is suggested to take 400-500g vegetables and 200-300g fruits every day during pregnancy. It is not recommended to make juice, which will damage dietary fiber. The original juice of fruit is more healthy.

with the day of labor approaching, the false uterine contraction during pregnancy is becoming more and more obvious. The pregnant mother always feels tight and uncomfortable, which is the obvious sign of false uterine contraction.

pseudocontractions can be said to be a warm-up exercise, which is the preparation of the uterus for delivery in the future. The feeling of abdominal pain has no rules to follow, and the gap between the two times is relatively longer.

when the false uterine contraction comes, the pregnant mother can try to change her posture and have a proper rest. The discomfort of uterine contraction can be relieved. When the frequency of contractions increases gradually, until every 5-6 minutes, the duration can reach 1 minute, then the false contractions will progress to true contractions, and pregnant mothers need to rush to the hospital for delivery. In addition, signs such as broken water and red are also signs of labor. Pregnant mothers need to prepare as soon as possible and go to the hospital in time for labor. 08/17/2020